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Youtube needs to change its slogan from “Broadcast Yourself” to “Make an Ass Out of Yourself.” The site is becoming increasingly filled with the biggest fails of all time. Lucky for us, someone always seems to have a camera ready for moments like these.

“Scarlet Takes a Tumble”

Could this sexy seductress be the next Beyonce? Her sleek figure lends itself well to the complicated steps she powers through during the routine. And it all culminates at 2:50 in her purposeful fall from the table and spot on imitation of a beached whale. Stay tuned ladies and gentlemen: Scarlet will be performing this number at the 2012 Grammy Awards.

“Risky Business Girls”

Tom Cruise might be a raving lunatic, but when it comes to the swift slide across a wooden floor in your underwear, the man remains king. As you can clearly see above, this dangerous maneuver is not for mere mortals. I give girl #1 a 2.3 for her 7-inch shuffle. Girl #2? I hope that Chestnut Stained Mahogany tasted as good as it looks.

“You Forgot the Blueberries”

“Now that is the bestest…it’s yumma!”

Well, it turns out she didn’t actually forget the blueberries, but it looks like her sister forgot proper grammar, as well as the fact that she would probably fall on her ass if she tried to dance and sing “Blueberries! Blueberries!” on an unsteady stool. Watching adorable kids mispronounce words is an age-old Youtube past time. Watching kids mispronounce words and then hurt themselves. What more could you ask for?

“Psycho Girl Freaks Out Because She Can’t Sing the Right Notes”

This is actually how Whitney Houston started out as well – posting videos of herself butchering songs and screaming. Her talent is rivaled only by that of Rebecca Black. Fun fact: if you press 8 repeatedly it sounds like the mating call of some exotic bird. Actually, go ahead and try all the numbers. You’ll be (un)pleasantly surprised.

“Closet Door Falls on Little Girl on the Channing Show Fail”

I think one of the top comments says it all:

“You just got bitch slapped by Narnia.”


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