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By: Kelsey Pinault (University of Miami)

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Whether you’re home for summer or away at school with classes, no one minds having new people to pass the time with. Here’s a list of the top 5 summer hot spots to enjoy and make some new friends, or even potential love interests at. A little help never hurt, so here are some tips along with each outings to get to talking, and whatever else that leads to.
1. Beach. Or the lake, or pool, or where ever you can shed some clothing and show off that bod you’ve been working for. Tip: When you see some guys (or girls) playing a pickup game of beach volleyball, ask to join. If you’re with some friends challenge the winners with a prize of drinks afterward.

2.  Gym. College guys can make this outing an obsession completing the GTL package, so you’re bound to make some hookups while working in some crunches. Tip: If you don’t feel comfortable asking for a supporter when you’re lifting, pick a cutie to “help you fix your form” by opening with how fit they look (they must know what they’re doing).

3. Work. Whether it’s a summer internship or a shift at the burger joint down the street, happy hour is the perfect way get some relief after a hard days work. Tip: As your shift comes to an end, suggest to your coworkers a simple but fun follow up; not everyone will join but you can try to entice the one you really want to get to know with a late dinner.

4. Bars. Speaking of happy hour, what better way to meet new coeds than when you’re loosened up with a few margaritas? Tip: Whether you’ve had one sip or a few shots, the bar atmosphere allows alcohol to play as an icebreaker so take advantage. If you’re really feeling ballsy, buy the hottie down the bar a shot.

5. The supermarket. This might be a place people often overlook to meet someone but it’s actually one of the best. Tip: If someone special catches your eye feel free to accidentally grab the same head of lettuce. You can always trade the wanted veggie for a home cooked meal.

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