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Because today is 4/20 and you’re probably high reading this, I’m betting in a few minutes/an hour or so, you’re going to be really hungry. This my friend is a typical case of the munchies. In honor of today’s holiday, it seems only right to have food to go along with it. If Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter can all have their own dinner, consider this list your “4/20 supper.”

Peanut Butter

You can literally add Peanut Butter to anything to cure your munchies. Peanut Butter in this case would be like using salt on a regular day,, to add a little something to your meal, except you can use as much as you want and it only makes it taste better. A personal favorite of mine is Oreos dipped in peanut butter. Give it a try and let me know what you think. Preferably while you’re still stoned.

Take-Out Pizza

When you’re stoned out of your mind and someone suggest ordering the 5-5-5 deal from Domino’s, suddenly the world stops and everything begins to make sense. The only thing better than drunk pizza is high pizza. Get creative and get all those toppings that just sound good, even if you would never get them sober. Watch some Ninja Turtles if you need some inspiration. Those guys knew how to stoner binge.


Potato Chips

The key ingredient to chips is salt and lots of it. Besides peanut butter, salty foods are a high persons best friend. Not only do you already have cotton mouth from all the weed you smoked, but now you’ll be reaching for that water even faster. The best thing about a bag of chips when high is that it literally looks like the chips will never end. When they do and you wonder why, just think, you can always reach for bag #2.

Lucky Charms

This one is in honor of all my pot-loving friends and their love for this magically delicious snack. Lucky charms, like chips, come in a bag so they appear endless once you start eating them. All the different marshmallow shapes are what those potato chip bags lack. Lucky charms are a high person’s best friend because they are packed with sugar, and bonus, are a great source of fiber (not that you’re really concerned with that). Plus, they’re fun to eat.


Gummy Candies

This goes back to the fun shapes in Lucky Charms. To me, there’s nothing more amusing when high than eating gummy worms and playing with them. You know how your parents told you to never play with your food growing up? Well this would be the exception. Play on with your gummy snacks and laugh away at all the ridiculous things your stoned friends choose to do with their candy. If you’re on a diet and high, gummy snacks will help cure your munchies and not cause you to have to go to the gym for 5 hours on 4/21.

Cosmic Brownies

After you finish off all of your celebratory weed brownies and are still in need of a chocolate fix, cosmic brownies are your answer. Little Debbie doesn’t realize the magic she created by bringing these little gems into the world. Are they healthy? Absolutely not. But do they go great with peanut butter? You know it. Chocolate in general is great for the munchies, but when you toss in those rainbow chocolate covered sprinkles, you’ve created the perfect high snack.

So there you have it. Have fun, get high, and snack away.

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