Top 7 States with Best Job Markets for College Grads 

As a college graduate, it might be quite difficult to find a job straight out of college. Sometimes, the job market is good on you – and other times, you are on the fence, hoping that, by some miracle, a job will pop up. That being said, there are certain states in which the job markets look more favorable for college grads. These states include:


Massachusetts is the perfect place where you can go as a college grad, looking for a job. Here, they tend to hire young minds, as they often have a fresh outlook on how to handle a job. For example, if you are looking to become a Worcester employment lawyer, you have a better chance of finding clients – and as a bonus point, it also pays very well.


More than half the ads for jobs you’ll see in Delaware are searching for college grads. Whether you are looking for computer applications or to land a job as a financial analyst, you’ll always find companies wanting to hire. Delaware is overall peaceful too, so if you‘re going solo, you’ll have no problems.


Washington is also at the top of states where college grads can easily find a job. Whether you go for computer sciences, software development, the medical field, or any other job, Washington has many opportunities.

North Carolina

With a great housing market as well as a rich job market, North Carolina is the perfect place for degree holders to begin their life. Healthcare and business are two fields that are rapidly growing, but chances are high that you’ll find many other job opportunities too.


California is also big on young minds, whether you want to become a doctor, a lawyer, a programmer, or your own boss. It’s packed with opportunities, with many companies hiring students that are straight out of college. Also, there are many internships that will help introduce you to the market even before you finish college. This will ensure a good job once you have your degree in your hand.


Not only does Colorado have great prices in terms of housing and is convenient when it comes to living costs, but it also has a rich job market. The biggest growth is expected to be in technology, but there are many options to go for including the medical field, teaching, law, and many others.


Are you looking to find a job in accounting and business administration? Perhaps you want to become a tech expert or to work in retail. No matter the choice in education that you make, Arizona holds great potential. Plus, it offers balanced living prices and the highest minimum wage, which means that you won’t have to overwork yourself to pay your rent.

The Bottom Line

College grads don’t always have to struggle with finding a good job, only to be hindered by lack of experience. They just need to look for the job in all the right places. The states mentioned above offer good potential.

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