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Another decade has gone and passed if you can believe. Seems like only yesterday all people could talk about was the new millennium. Ten years brought us tons of drama, movies, tv shows, and of course music. As a friendly way to say goodbye to the year 2010, I thought we’d look back at the top songs of the past decade from . Maybe some of these songs will make you smile, make you laugh, or make you think of that horrible ex. Regardless, it definitely shows how music has evolved.

2000 Faith Hill, Breathe

Hello stereotypical love song. This song will forever be branded in my mind as one of those songs at middle school dances that you “slow” danced with the boy you liked so far apart there might as well have been a third person in between. Oh the good old days.

2001 Lifehouse, Hanging by a Moment

When this song first came out, Lifehouse was on top of the world. Then they kind of disappeared and then came back. The 2000’s were all about the comeback and this was one of the groups that proved that. To this day, this song is still on the radio…granted it’s usually on those random mix stations but still. Best part is it’s a catchy love song, not a depressing one that makes you cry a lot.

2002 Nickelback, How You Remind Me

Angry rock song, check. Goofy looking lead singer, double check. With all these love songs all over the radio, it was time for a bitter ex song. Sure looking at the group, you probably wonder how they girlfriends to begin with, but in the end this song is perfect for the drunken singing to an ex that you hate.

2003 50 Cent, In da Club

Eminem went in the studio and came out with his protégé 50 cent. This guy’s street credit was almost too much to handle. Why wouldn’t you listen to a guy that’s been shot nine times? The version below is completely different than the radio edit I grew up listening too. They don’t really encourage weed smoking and using ecstasy in eighth grade oddly enough.

2004 Usher, Yeah

Another 90’s comeback. Usher was back and grown up with even better dance moves than before. I was obsessed with this song and I’m pretty sure I had on at least six different mix CD’s. Remember when those were cool? Not going to lie, I still occasionally put it on Friday Night at the sorority house and no one complains. This song also marked the beginning of Lil Jon being in every song known to man screaming “Yeahhhh” in the background.

2005 Mariah Carey, We Belong Together

Another year, another love song. Sad to say, but I’m pretty sure I once dedicated this to an ex-boyfriend, let the judgment begin. This was part of Mariah Carey’s comeback and it seemed the older she got, the less clothing she had to wear. Regardless this will forever be one of those songs that heartbroken biddies sing all alone to their carton of Ben&Jerrys.

2006 Daniel Powter, Bad Day

Out of all the songs on this list, this is personally my least favorite. This song was EVERYWHERE in 2006 especially American Idol. Nothing says America doesn’t want you to be a star than “Bad Day”. People thought it was motivational but in reality this song just stuck in your head and literally made you have a bad day.

2007 Beyonce, Irreplaceable

To the left, to the left. Hello successful breakup song. Even better was this song didn’t make you want to ball like a baby after hearing it. Empowerment over the asshole exes, thank you Beyonce. Only downfall couldn’t go anywhere or put on any radio station, without hearing it. 2007 was Beyonce’s year no question about it.

2008 Flo Rida, Low

Move over Lil Jon, this song started the T-Pain movement. This song also introduced us to a man from Florida that put a space in between his state and came up with a badass rapper name, Flo Rida. Low was the song of 2008 for obvious reason. When I came to UMass freshman year, I couldn’t go to any parties without hearing this song at some point. Best part was no one could usually do the rap part but when the chorus came on, everyone was yelling it. Oh the memories.

2009 Black Eyed Peas, Boom Boom Pow

Hey porch parties. Come spring time, my sorority is all about the porch parties to end the semester. This song was on every mix that was played on the porch. Another comeback for the Black Eyed Peas, seems like they will never disappear off the music scene with all the countless ways they reinvent themselves. Boom Boom Pow was a new type of music that was more about the beat then the actual lyrics. Oddly enough, the beat in the actual song is ten times better than the words but considering half of the words are boom I’m not surprised.

2010 Ke$ha, Tik Tok

It should be no surprise that the top song of this past year was Ke$ha. This hot mess was all over the radio with all different songs that basically came back to the same motto; get fucked up. It all started with this song because who doesn’t like to wake up in the morning feeling like P.Diddy? It also just goes to show that if you’re really good with an auto tuned microphone, like to look like you smell, and enjoy glitter a little too much, that you too can become famous.

So Campus Socialites, what was your favorite song of the past ten years?

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