Tosh.0 College Campus Invasion: Get Tosh To Shoot Live From Your College!

tosh.0 college campus invasion

Maybe the funniest show on television,  Season 2 of Daniel Tosh’s Tosh.0 killed it in the ratings last year. They are now booked and ready for Season 3. That’s the good news, here’s the better: Tosh.0 will be shooting one, live episode, directly from a college campus. Tosh is calling for college students to send him videos, explaining why their college should be the one to host the show. I’m sure this is obvious at this point, but for our slower readers, the winning students will have Tosh.0 come to their school, shoot live on campus, and probably fuck their girlfriends. Don’t believe me? Check out the promo video after the jump. Then grab your video camera and start shooting. Just make sure to delete the footage of you tea-bagging your roommate first. On second thought, don’t.

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