By: Lauren Cohen, The Campus Movie Guru (University of Miami)

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Pixar is absolutely incompetent when it comes to one thing: making a bad movie. Only Pixar could take a movie called Toy Story 3, and not only make it good, but make it so good that it (dare I say it?) rivals the first one. While the first still triumphs for me (I can’t forget about the movie that first introduced us to Buzz and Woody), this movie proves a vital thing: that you can make a movie, called Toy Story 3, and it can still be great if you keep alive what people loved in the first two. Which it did, and then some.

Its been 11 years since we last saw the gang, and Andy, no longer the little kid playing with all the many toys in his room, is getting ready to head off to college. By accident, the toys he once loved so much end up being donated to a day care center instead of getting stored in the attic.  Now Andy’s toys need to find a way to escape and make it back to their rightful owner.

What always made Toy Story so special to me, and what I felt set it apart from other animated movies, was how heartfelt and genuine all the emotions are. Whenever the toys are trying to get home, whether it be from Pizza Planet, a toy store or day care, I didn’t just want them to get home…I needed them to get home. All the while, while this 21 year old is stressing out over these toys’ difficult quest, I was constantly laughing throughout. We’re introduced to some new characters (Barbie and Ken being my favorite) while our old favorites are just as funny and charismatic as we remember them.

At the end of the movie, my best friend and I looked over at each other, and upon seeing tears streaming down both of our cheeks while both of us were (unsuccessfully) choking back sobs, we instantly started laughing. “Why are toys making us cry?!” my friend laughed/cried. All I could think is: because its a damn good movie, thats why!

Rating: A

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