Trade Deadline News: It’s Donnie’s World!

By Kevin Plaza, Sports Columnist

After years of all the lies, scandals, bad contracts and terrible performances, the New York Knicks have become a laughing stock. Names like Isiah Thomas and Scott Layden have been synonymous with losing and the Knicks. But on this day, February 18, 2010, the NBA trade deadline, this all has changed. We have found a way out of salary cap hell and have found a man that finally knows what he is doing. That man is Donnie Walsh, and Knick fans, he has just rocked your world.

Somehow, someway, Donnie Walsh has cleared enough cap to open up the July 1st free agency period with not just one HUGE splash but possibly two, that could send this team back into not just playoff contention but championship contention. When Donnie came here, his opening address to Knick fans was basically to look to 2010 as the year the Knicks will be born again. He promised us moves that would clear cap space, and moves that would not add new salary to this team and told us to be patient. Well Donnie, we have been patient and now thanks to you, we are happy to call ourselves Knick fans again.

With the likes of, LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh, just to name the top three, becoming free agents in 2010, July 1rst could be the most historic day in Knick history.

So forget LeBron being the savior, how about Donnie Walsh? The President and General Manager of the Knicks, has made every Knicks fan dreams come true.

Here are some of the big names moving to different places via the 3pm Trade Deadline today

* NY Knicks receive Tracy McGrady, Eddie House, Sergio Rodriguez, Bill Walker, J.R Giddens and Brian Cardinal in a plethora of moves from Donnie Walsh and relieve themselves from Jared Jeffries contract as well as Jordan Hill, Larry Hughes, Darko Milic and 3 time slam dunk champion Nate Robinson. (Excellent job by Walsh getting Jeffries salary off the books for this summer, don’t really understand the point of trading a fan favorite Nate Robinson for Eddie House especially if it doesn’t help the Knicks clear cap space, Sergio Rodriguez could be a sleeper addition if they give him a chance)

* Cavaliers receive Antwan Jamison and Sebastian Telfair in a three team trade that sends Drew Gooden to the Clippers, while Zydrunas Ilgauskas and Al Thornton ship off to the Wizards. (Great move for the Cavs moving forward to try and win and championship, and having Jamison could be a bargaining chip for LeBron to sign a extension in Cleveland, also not a bad idea to have a back up point guard around like Telfair with the injury prone Mo Williams)

* The Bulls dumped some salary by trading John Salmons to the Bucks for Joe Alexander and high flying Hakeem Warrick. (The Bulls made a mistake by trading for Salmons at the deadline last year, they are paying for it now because they also may have to give up their first round pick this year as well as 2011 and 2012 second round picks, but they are getting some talent back in Warrick the former Orangemen, and Joe Alexander as well as clearing that space up)

* The Blazers get a big man that can fill in for the injured Greg Oden in Marcus Camby , while sending Travis Outlaw and Steve Blake to the Clippers. ( I think both teams make out in this deal because it helps Portland in the quest for a playoff spot as well as the Clippers because they receive a young, athletic, high energy player in Outlaw)

* In a little bit of a smaller deal that I think can really work out for the Utah Jazz, is them trading Ronnie Brewer to the Grizzlies for a first round pick. (Ronnie was stuck behind a logjam of guards and was not getting the minutes he deserves, so they did the right thing by sending him somewhere he would get more time. But now Utah has the Knicks first round pick, which should be a lottery pick, from a trade a few years back and the Grizzlies first round pick as well as their own first round pick. Now that’s how you rebuild without even trading away your stars, great job in Utah)

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