Trailer For Hunter S. Thompson’s “The Rum Diary”

the rum diary

Johnny Depp is back in an action-packed, sexy drama from the eccentric mind of Hunter S. Thompson. The background of the story is quite interesting. The film is developed from a novel of the typical violent and maniacal characters that Thompson presents throughout his career as a writer. “The Rum Diary” proposes a script about a journalist that is on the brink of entering the over the hill phase of his life, and while he is exploring the many relationships he encounters along his journey,  all types of scrupulous scenes accompany him and take you in to the mind of Dr. Gonzo at his finest. Based on the second novel that Thompson never had a chance to see come to life even in its simplest form, the alcohol-infused adaptation tells a tale of Paul Kemp (played by Johnny Depp), who travels to San Juan, Puerto Rico to be employed  at the The Daily News. With anecdotes and quips from the Hunter S. Thompson life – his insatiable lust, booze and supporting roles from stars such as Aaron Eckhart and Amber Heard, “The Rum Diary” promises to be an awesome display of Hunter S. Thompson’s work that will have Gonzo fans foaming at the mouth.


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