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Travel Overseas and Revolutionize Your Life

The desire to explore the world is human nature. Experiencing new tastes and cultures, learning new languages and customs — these are the things that keep our brain engaged and growing and make rich memories. By taking in the greater world, you inevitably experience some amazing personal growth. Here are some of the ways that happens:

The people

The sights and wonders of the wide world are magnificent and transformative, but they are only a piece of the puzzle. People are what make travel magic. It may be interactions with locals or encounters with fellow travelers that spark lifelong friendships or simply constitute an incredible moment.

In poor and rich countries alike, children will capture your heart. No matter the circumstances, they are playful, curious, and a joy to interact with. Those are the moments that will bring great personal growth and gratitude.

The food

An integral part of travel is trying the local flavors and foods. Your memories will be visceral. The smell of spices and fragrant scents will forever bring you back to those moments when you experienced something new and exotic.

Often, it opens up a world of culinary curiosity that brings flair, flavor, and health benefits when you return to day-to-day life in the US. This is a delight to indulge: travel for the sake of inspiring the taste buds! You’ll likely find yourself seeking out these dishes — or even making them yourself — back home.

The freedom

Europe makes it incredibly easy to ditch an itinerary. Jump on a train and explore without the hassles of driving, to make hotel reservations, or the time crunch to accomplish XYZ. Find a place you love? Spend a little extra time there. The freedom to make spur-of-the-moment memories is an experience itself.

Personal growth

Travel is eye-opening and life-changing because it means seeing various cultures up close and personal. Rich, poor, culturally wealthy, or historically vital, travel brings depth to a person’s understanding of the world and where you fit in it.

The adage that traveling as a couple will either make or break the relationship definitely rings true. The stressors of travel can make for less than romantic moments: exhaustion, close quarters, culture shock, and language barriers may bring out the worst in some people. On the other hand, it can cement a relationship by showcasing each person’s ability to thrive in challenging environments and experiencing once-in-a-lifetime activities together.

No matter the place or the purpose of traveling abroad, it will change your life, broaden your world, and create insightful perspectives.

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