Travis Pastrana, the 16-time X Games gold medalist for motocross and the driving force behind MTV’s Nitro Circus, is now trying his hand at racing. The extreme sports legend is  teaming up with Michael Waltrip to run Pastrana-Waltrip Racing. According to a release, Pastrana, 27, will run seven Nationwide races in 2011 and 20 in 2012.

“I’ve been following NASCAR closely for years as a fan of the sport with competing in the sport a life-long dream,” Pastrana said. “I decided it was time to try and turn that dream into reality.”

NASCAR sees Pastrana as a chance to tap into the all-important 18-34 male demographic (that’s you guys…for the most part); a group of individuals that the racing company has been struggling to connect with for some time now. So, if you happen to like T-Pas or Nitro Circus, then maybe it’s about time you starting watching some NASCAR. Giving it a chance couldn’t hurt…although I much rather see the motocross hero where he belongs: on the back of a motorcycle.

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