Tricks if You Want to Have a Car in College

College is known to be a time when you’re pinching pennies at every corner. If financial aid isn’t enough to get you through, you’re working one or two jobs to make up the difference, and you’ll still graduate with debt because you had to pay for inflated credit prices, room and board that was robbery, and the amount of coffee you had to consume to get you through added up to be enough to pay the down payment on a small house you could have bought if you didn’t spend all of your money on your education.

It’s a tricky time to be in. You have to make the decision to live on loans and rack up the debt, or forgo college altogether and choose a career that doesn’t require a degree. Though many professions in life don’t require a degree, you’re likely to make more money if you have one. For this reason, people decide to go through with school.

You’re faced with a multitude of questions, one of which is whether or not to have a car in college. It’s always nice to, but sometimes it’s not an option. If you really want a car in college, here are some tricks you can follow:

Share With A Friend

Heck. In college you share everything. You share a dorm, you share food, you share clothes, you share textbooks…why not share a car? If you’re best friends, chances are good you’ll both be wanting to go the same place, so why not just split the cost down the middle, share the title, and work out a schedule.

Go to your nearest Ford dealer, pick something out that’s a good deal and split the cost. It’s easy enough to sell the car once college is through, but if you need transportation, go halfsies and you’ll make it through just fine.

Get Something That Gets the Job Done

It might be tempting to get a new luxury ford flex or ford fusion hybrid, but if you can find a cheap car for sale that gets the job done, why not take that route? You’ll be spending the majority of your time in class so you only need your car to get to and from engagements.

If the weather is nice where you’re going to school, you may not need working heat or air conditioning, and you may not need to drive much at all, so don’t spend money on luxury models that deteriorate as soon as you drive off the lot, buy something used and get it done. Once you’ve graduated you can get a sweet ride. For now, just do what needs to be done.