Trouble on The Jersey Shores: Vinny Gone, Now Situation Too, “Maybe”

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Like of the rest of the America, The Campus Socialite has been sitting and waiting patiently for some news to come from down the shore, regarding our ethnic friends from Jersey. Aside from a few minor Snooki and Dina incidents, and a Pauly D lawsuit, not much has come from The Jersey Shore gang. Until now. Yesterday Vinny, who some would argue is the most “normal” of the bunch, declared his career on the show done, and officially left the house. No big deal. Today though, The Situation, The Jersey Shore’s star cast member, seems like he might be done too.

The cast is back from the motherland and has already begun shooting Season 5 back in The Jersey House. Interesting decision considering nobody quite knows what happened on the Italy trip, but it’s safe to assume whatever it is, it’s TV worthy. And then tragedy struck: Vinny has apparently left the house after an argument with an unnamed castmate, claiming he is burnt out, and is back on native Staten Island with no intentions of returning.

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As much as we all might love Vinny for his relative indifference to drama and seemingly good heart, the show could definitely go on without him. After all, who seriously watches an MTV show, any MTV show, to see someone actually relate able. The Situation leaving, that is a big fucking deal. Sitch didn’t quite walk out the way Vinny did, but he did say some things. Some things that might spell doom for the love-hate reality show of the century.

While escorting a gaggle of mediocre grenades down the street, The Situation told a TMZ reporter “Maybe” when asked if he was done with the show. When the reporter wished him good luck, The Situation said he didn’t need it. I wouldn’t be so sure Michael. I wouldn’t be so sure. Don’t know if you noticed, but there’s not much work for a nobody from Jersey, with above average abs, and a knack for starting fights on TV. Spin-off maybe. Past that, Good Luck Bro.

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