Tucker Max Is Back With Book #3: “Hilarity Ensues,” Literally and Figuratively

hilarity ensues

Tucker Max, the man that finally gave mid-20-year-old, Natty Light-chugging bros the reason to pick up a book after years of silent resistance, is back with #3 and what he says is the last book he will write on the subject of serial douchebaggery. The definition of bittersweet. The book is called “Hilarity Ensues,” and we haven’t had time to dig up the Spark Notes, but from what we hear it is Tucker Max back at his best. It’s $25.99 at list price, $12.99 on your Kindle, and either way, well worth it.

Tucker Max told Forbes magazine a few weeks ago that after the book drops, he is officially done with what can only be referred to as the “Tucker Max Game.” What he provided the world in the form of true life, high quality writing on the lowest possible quality of subject matter is unmatched in literature today. But I guess the time will come for all of us to hang up the old Beer Bong. It’s just lucky for us that Tucker decided to write one more book before he called it quits.

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Seeing as how this will be the last Tucker Max book, I’m guessing Max didn’t want to go out without causing just a little bit of national controversy. Rather than going with traditional marketing on this one, Tucker Max decided to go with a website where you can have a celebrity or powerful Twitter account Tweet out an ad for money. The one he wrote for Kim Kardashian goes as followed:

“I love Tucker Max’s new book because it’s a lot like the men I date: black on the outside, full of dirty words and insults on the inside.”

If this dude isn’t a superstar, I don’t know who is. Kim obviously didn’t send the perfectly relevant Tweet (bitch) and Max’s account got banned for quote-unquote “Ethics Violations.” Because we all know suggesting raunchy Tweets to sensitive celebrities is way worse than staging a wedding to bank a few million dollars. Tucker Max responded: “I don’t know why those reality losers won’t take my money. Their JOB is to humiliate themselves for a living. F*** ‘em if they can’t take a joke.” Truth.

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