Tupac Never Sleeps: 1991 Sex Tape Surfaces

 tupac shakur

The phrase “Legends Never Die” gets thrown around a lot (Thank You Sandlot) but its never been truer for someone than Tupac Shakur. If you thought that releasing #1 ranked tracks after you were dead was an impressive feat, how bout a sex tape. And he’s not even pissed about it! Ok, maybe that was insensitive, but if the details I heard are true, Tupac has once again shown us how a True Gangsta does it. More after the jump.

So if you said to yourself “Man, if Pac has a sex tape, he has to be doing something epic in it,” you will not be disappointed. Apparently, it takes place in a house party full of groupies. Tupac is just rapping and dancing, normal rapper at a party stuff. Then he beckons one of the groupies over and she starts giving him head. Does the greatest rapper of all time flinch? Nope. He just keeps rapping, dancing, sipping his willytail, all while this cum dumpster is sucking him off. We can’t show you the video, but when you find it, take some notes. True Socialite in the house.


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