TV Shows with Cozy Fall Vibes

Orange leaves, baggy sweaters, warm coffee, and the crystal clear sky, really make us feel grateful for the cozy fall weather. The fallen leaves form a beautiful orange-yellow crunchy bed and the leafless trees look nothing less than a painting.

In this weather, we just feel like staying indoors, in front of the fireplace, occasionally looking out of the window to capture the beautiful, serene weather. And what’s better than feasting our eyes on the movies and shows that give us the fall vibes and make us feel at home?

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We have done our research and enlisted some of the very popular movies and shows that will make you feel cozy and warm. So get in that blanket, light the fireplace, make some popcorn, and keep reading.

  • Gilmore Girls

Watching Gilmore Girls is like watching that comfort show that teaches you the importance of staying in a close-knit community where everyone is dependent on one another. The quintessential autumn show gives you all the cozy, warm vibes.

This show revolves around the power duo of a mother and a daughter; Lorelai Gilmore and Rory. The age gap between the two is quite smallless and hence they behave more like sisters. See as they both figure out life in a scenic small town.

  • Virgin River

After an event, that changes her life forever, an LA-based nurse decides to shift to a small town in the heart of North Carolina. While adjusting to this new chapter of her life, she faces many hardships, but she maintains her composure and tries to leave all of her past troubles behind.

And within the course of a few years, she manifests a commendable life and meets genuine people who care for her. This is a very sweet and relatable movie however let us warn you, after watching this film, you might start thinking about moving to a small town in order to start a new life.

  • New Girl

The main character of this TV show is a girl called Jess who gets heartbroken when she learns that her longtime boyfriend as well as her housemate had been cheating and playing with her feelings. Jess decides to leave him alone and starts thinking of shifting to a new apartment.

After some time, she finds herself living with an odd group of boys somewhere in Los Angeles. At this point, she’s unaware that her short-term house will soon completely alter her life and bless her with an amazing, lovable family.

  • Schitt’s Creek

Schitt’s Creek is one of our favorite comfort shows. It is the kind of show that you would feel like watching again and again. You will never get bored of it, in simpler words. This show revolves around a rich family that ends up losing all of their wealth and possessions because of a tax scandal.

This serious scandal just leaves them with a few necessary things and a small town that the dad bought a few years ago for his son. The real test begins when the family is forced to stay in a small town while they constantly think of going back to the rich and alluring lifestyle that they loved so much. However, during their time in the small town, they learn a lot about true feelings of friendship, love, trust, and respect. This show will make you laugh and cry all the same time.

  • Full House

Danny Tanner, a single dad, asks his brother-in-law and best pal to move in with them in their San Francisco house so they can help him take care of his three incredible daughters. The oddball group of guys must manage rearing three girls collectively within one roof and support one another through the joys and tribulations of fatherhood.

  • This is Us

This is us covers all of life’s challenges and triumphs, as well as the never-ending problems and joys of family, by following one family across several generations. The Pearson “triplets,” two biological as well as one adoptive, will develop into distinct individuals as the series progresses.

Each person faces unique challenges, some of which they must overcome together and others which they must figure out for themselves. Your heartstrings will be tugged by each episode, and you’ll want to hug your loved ones even closer.

  • Charmed

The passing of their grandmother reunites three sisters who had grown apart in life. Their problems go beyond sibling rivalry. When they return to their family house, they quickly learn that they are the strongest witches the world has ever witnessed and that they come from a long line of witches. While juggling their personal lives, occupations, and romantic relationships, they must work together to battle the evils that terrorize San Francisco.

Final Words

The fall season reminds us of love and comfort. It compels us to relax and think about all the nice and positive things that’ll help us fall into a reverie. We hope the shows listed in this article will make you forget all your worries.

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