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We all know that Twitter is the new source to get instant news.  If you’re watching a TV show, a sporting event, or there is a big event going on in the world, you can most likely find other people talking about it on Twitter.  Here is what The Campus Socialite’s Tweeps are talkin about today:

The Winter Olympics seem to be the most popular topic covered today.

shelbs143 Alexandre Bilodeau is the Tim Tebow of Canada…he seems like SUCH a great guy… his love for his brother is amazing 🙂 Made me tear up :’)

andrewjbeaton Snowboard cross was freaking awesome, I was glued to my TV all day watching the heats. Robertson was great but Westcott was even better!

FunnyTheWay Epic final heat in Men’s Snowboard cross…red,white, & blue take the Gold! Get it! Did you see that comeback?

CamilaHueck I am tempted to skip my bedtime and watch the olympics for hours. Ahh poop on school tomorrow.

jewlish NBC… I ‘m sorry. but GIANT HUGE COLOSSAL FAIL!!! You didnt deserve this programming, you have treated the viewers like crap #olympics #NBC

And of course, television is always a big topic of discussion with our Tweeps.

lindamarieee @scottdisick really is a douche but he is SO funny

@DoubleDsLA Rich People Act Like Big Ass Douche Bags. Try Shoving A 100 $ Bill In My Mouth Homie Ull Get A Headbut To The Face..

rory0264 The Kardashians was awesome! #Scotts-a-Douche Hope every1 had a great day & r having a great night. Sleep tight!

woahsally ugggh I wish you weren’t with him anymore such a DOUCHE! @kourtneykardash

LukeMeyers “I’m Muhammad Ali. I am the greatest, I’m king of the world, I’m pretty and I’m a bad man.” Just watched Facing Ali, sick sick documentary.

brennaneill Wow. Just watched Facing Ali. Unbelievable documentary on an unstoppable personality. He really was the greatest.

mestery That was the best episode of #24 in 4 years! Jack is back baby!

mikeavila A 1/2 dozen dead Russians, mistrust & an impending disastrous decision by a supporting character; now that’s a good episode, #24!

indizona If they make Gia the next Bachelorette, I’ll watch….#bachelor

@amyfab: Jake falls in love with everything he sees. He probably goes to the grocery and falls in love with the cottage cheese. #bachelor

thesurfreport I hope jake loves gia’s overbite cause if her marries her, that’s gonna last a lot longer than her swimsuit model rack. #bachelor

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