By: Ann Redus (UTSA)

Being the responsible, frugal, networking, college student that I am, I thought I would pass on some useful information to my fellow friends. As a senior in college, my main concerns at this point are graduating, money, and if I’ll have a job once I graduate. In order to control the high levels of stress I’m experiencing, I have decided to make my life a little bit easier by utilizing these two websites – and is a FREE website that helps you manage your money and shows you exactly where your money is going. It conveniently combines your all finances into one place. You can add things such as your bank accounts, credit cards, car insurance, student loans, assets, and investments. You can create budgets, set spending limits, and track your expenses. Each time you log in, it has up-to-date information about each of the accounts you’ve added. not only monitors your transactions, but it also categorizes your spending into groups so that you can see exactly where your money is going. Another cool thing? It shows you where you can save money on things like credit cards and car insurance. At this rate, I might actually be able to graduate with a little bit of money in my bank account. I recommend this website to any college student that is learning how to budget and trying to create better spending habits.

Another concern I have is as a graduating senior is what I’m going to be doing after I graduate. Finding a job these days is hard enough for people that have a degree, but recent and soon-to-be graduates are pretty much screwed in this kind of economy. We’ve all heard, “it’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know,” – which is SO true! Well, is a website designed for people to “make connections.” It’s not like Twitter or Facebook, it’s more specialized than that, but you can use it to find old bosses, or people that you currently work with to make a connection. You create a profile that represents you, professionally, and from there you can ask for recommendations from old bosses, upload a resume, and advertise your accomplishments thus far. The more connections you have the better because your old bosses’ sisters’ company could be hiring for a position that you might be interested in, and if you have been recommended by a connection, the chances of you getting that job could be a lot higher. Get it? It may seem a little bit confusing, but it’s worth checking it out.

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