Newsflash: banning energy drink sales on campus is apparently a thing. Or at least it is at the University of New Hampshire. On Monday, the school announced that it would no longer sell energy drinks on campus, citing an incident involving energy drinks that “helped send a student to the hospital.” I’m calling bullshit on this one…and so is the University President.


The ban was put into action on Monday morning, and by Monday night University President Mark Huddleston had released a statement that lifted the ban, saying that there was “conflicting evidence” in the drinks’ health effects, as well as the need to “involve students more directly” in the decision…basically calling shenanigans on the whole thing – well done Huddleston.


UNH Dining Services had originally put the ban into place as part of their initiative “to be the healthiest campus community in the country by 2020 and keep its students safe.” Unfortunately, I don’t think they put enough thought into what would happen to their average GPA when the ban went into place, or the fact that students could still load up on tons of coffee instead (from the brand new on-campus Dunkin Donuts), which can contain even more caffeine than some energy drinks…good job, New Hampshire!


Wait, there’s more: if the ban wasn’t lifted, energy drinks would be only a short walk away, since the nearest convenience store is about 30 seconds from the dorms. So realistically, it wouldn’t stop a single student from drinking Red Bull – it’d just make it a little bit more annoying to get it. In other words, the school banned energy drinks just to make themselves look progressive, without actually giving a crap about what the students thought or even if it was benefiting anyone to do it. Absolutely retarded.

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