University of Bristol Girl’s Netball Team Releases Steamy NSFWish Calendar (w/ pics)


Across the pond over at the University of Bristol, there is apparently a sport named Netball. Before I could even get a chance to question what Netball actually is, I was distracted by the nude calendar put together by their women’s netball team. The only thing better than women’s sports is looking at an entire team of them topless. Now if only you could capture the sweet, sexy nature of their British accents in these pictures, because then these would be the only pictures I’d ever have to look at.

If you actually want a physical copy of their calendar, you can buy one from their website here. Also, if you’re really interested in finding out what Netball is, and I’d be surprised if you’re still thinking about that after seeing what these girls have to offer, then let me tell you that it’s basically basketball without a backboard. I think… honestly, I’m still distracted. Warning: girls range from really hot to not-so-good-looking.

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