University of Michigan Dentists Help Fix A Man’s Smile Following Attack

It was a cold night in Ann Arbor, Michigan back in October 2010 as 24-year-old Jean-Claude Soloman was walking alone down the street. That night, the University of Michigan football team has just been upset by Michigan State University in a fierce rival game that occurs each year. As Soloman was walking, he soon passed by another man and his girlfriend. The man said “Go State” to which Soloman replied “Go Blue.” After a few different sets of profanities were said between both parties, everyone went their separate ways. At least, that’s what Soloman thought.

Soon enough, Soloman said he heard someone behind him. He turned around and was quickly punched in the face and kicked several times while down on the ground. The man left Soloman with broken and chipped teeth, a broken septum, and a concussion along with the need to get over 100 stitches to the chin, lips and mouth. The case regarding this mysterious attacker is still unsolved.


After the attack, Soloman was able to get his health insurance company to cover his broken nose and his sedation dentistry but as far as his three front missing teeth were concerned, Soloman either had to pay a hefty price or he was out of luck. Eventually he was given a “flipper.” This piece of plastic, which looks like a retainer, is worn in the mouth and comes along with a set of front teeth.

As a bank teller, Soloman dealt with people on a daily basis. With his new flipper, he felt embarrassed to smile or open his mouth much and he simply could not afford to pay $10,000 for a permanent solution.

Luckily, Dr. Chady Elhage, a student at the University of Michigan Dental School, was a frequent patron at the bank that Soloman worked at. After seeing Soloman’s flipper, Elhage got Soloman’s number right away and soon brought the case up to his supervisor to see if there was a way they could help Soloman.

Helping Soloman Get His New Teeth

After pulling some strings, the U of M Graduate Prosthetics Clinic was able to contact Nobel BioCare, a company who makes top quality implants, and the clinic was able to get implants for Soloman at a fraction of the normal cost.

Soloman was soon contacted and since June has had a temporary bridge in his mouth while he waited for custom made implants to be created. Once September came along, the implants were ready and all Soloman needed to do was make an appointment.

The Procedure

During his final appointment, Soloman had a bar screwed into his mouth to replace where his jawbone used to be. He lost it during the attack. Soon enough, porcelain teeth caps were cemented down onto the bar. Once the two hour procedure was over with, all Soloman could do was smile.

After two years of being embarrassed to ever open his mouth, the University of Michigan Dental School gave Soloman a bright and new outlook on life.

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