Unknown Facts on Why You Need to Keep on Consuming Chocolate

If you love that tantalizing taste of chocolate, then you understand the importance of a quality snack. At times you may feel guilty to eat a piece of chocolate, but the good news is that it has many benefits to your body.  Chocolates have been in existence since the time of Olmec civilization. Due to its unique, sweet, and rich taste, the demand for chocolates has increased over the years. Again, researchers have carried out many studies on the benefits of chocolates like chocolate blanco. Check out these benefits of eating chocolates you have never known:

  • Source of Anti-Oxidants

Dark chocolate is rich in organics compounds that function as antioxidants. If taken, its oxygen radical absorbance capacity disarms radicals. In the process, the body benefits from its antioxidant quality. Compared to other foods, raw cocoa, a primary ingredient in chocolate, has a wide variety of effective oxidants, increasing the aerobic metabolism in the body.  The organic compounds include polyphenols and flavanols and are absent in other fruits.

  • Improves Memory Power in Elderly

Cocoa extract is rich in flavones which have a significant impact on cognitive functions. When the elderly consumers specially prepared cocoa, their memory is improved; this helps manage memory lapse in senior citizens. However, the chocolate you consume needs to have a high concentration of dark chocolates for your brain to benefit fully. Remember, a high concentration of flavanols is available in less processed cocoa, so you need to consume less processed cocoa.

  • Lowers Risk of Stroke and Prevents Heart Disease

Researchers have discovered that dark chocolate contributes to improved heart health. Besides, people who take chocolates have lowered risk of suffering from stroke and heart diseases. Again, your frequency of eating chocolate has an impact on how effective it is in your body.

When you consume chocolate five times a week, you reduce the risk of heart attack by 57%.  It will help if you consume chocolate more frequently in case you don’t. The flavonoids in dark chocolate help produce nitric oxide, enabling blood vessels to relax, thus lowering the blood pressure.

  • Improves Your Skin Appearance

Dark chocolates contain vitamins and minerals like magnesium, copper, and iron.  The minerals are beneficial to the skin. For example, calcium helps repair and rejuvenate the skin, while manganese stimulates the production of collagen, which keeps the skin healthy and young. Similarly, the calcium in the chocolate help renew the skin hence making you look younger. In addition, the antioxidant found in the snack helps protect the skin from ultraviolet rays, thus preventing skin cancer.

Dark chocolate plays an essential role in controlling appetite, which may lead to weight loss. When you eat chocolate before a meal, it triggers hormones that communicate to the brain that you are full, so you will not eat excess food. Likewise, when you eat snacks like chocolate blanco, it behaves like a prebiotic, which catalyzes the growth of bacteria in your system. Remember, the good microbes you have in your body, the more your body absorbs nutrients, and you’re healthy.

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