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By: Tony Peralez (UTSA)

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Supreme Smoke: A recent representation of student entrepreneurship, a hobby shop of true epitimal personal interest. With nothing but the purest of intentions, Supreme Smoke has emerged as the pinnacle in custom pipe and tobacco tolerant accessories.

“We just want a place for people to be able to come in and relax while shopping for themselves. We want it to feel like you’re coming to hang out with your people,” words spoken by Julian Bui, shop owner and connoisseur of all things enjoyable by thick silky plumage.

“It’s something we care about that we enjoy that we’d like to put out there for other students and aficionados to enjoy. It’s safer and more responsible than trying to sneak into a bar with a fake or driving home after a long night of drinking. We’re just trying to introduce some new custom merch out to a population who already knows what we do.”

Supreme Smoke is a shop filled to the brim with hand blown custom pipes and other necessary utilities to provide any fancier of any caliber with a sensational smoking experience.

To take that a little further, Bui has decided to make a dedicated statement by offering up a philanthropic move that dictates a true heartfelt gesture to our soon to be home troops spread from home. “Munchies for the Troops” marks the grand opening of Supreme Smoke as well as the kick off for students to get involved in making it a little more like home wherever our brothers in arms may be.

“Everybody loves their munchies. We know they [soldiers] do too, so we figured we could come out in our grand opening offering up this kind of idea in hopes that we could get a positive response from people and have plenty of good stuff to ship off.”

The Lemonade Company on this fantastic opening, providing the highest quality of lemonade and smoothies available, will also join supreme Smoke. Also to be introduced will be artist KJ Hines, providing a little block music for everyone to jam to. If you haven’t heard this cat, YouTube or Pandora will help you get a hold of what he’s about.

Door prizes for merch and coupons will also be given out so it will be important to stop in for a drink and jam when you’re delivering your munchies and shopping.

The Supreme Smoke grand opening and Munchies for the Troops will take place this Saturday, September 4th at 12 pm. They are located at 8804 Heubner Rd at the Babcock intersection. Call them up anytime at

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