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Never has an episode of Entourage left me so depressed. I’ve said in my past recaps that it seemed like everything was going downhill for our 5 favorite guys, and Sunday’s season finale confirmed it. The episode started off with Drama in a panic over the fact that Vince never came home the night before and that no one can reach him. When we the viewers finally find Vince, he’s “supporting” Sasha at her porn-box-cover-shoot. Our newly addicted coke addict friend Vince flips out on the set, giving Sasha an ultimatum: if she does the movie, they’re through. Sasha then drops Vince, but of course not soon enough, since the damage from her presence over the past couple of weeks have clearly accumulated to life-shattering results for poor, now single, Vinny.

Drama decides its time for an intervention. Drama, E, Turtle, Ari, Billy, and Scott all gather at Vince’s place waiting for him to finally come home. When he does, they try to explain to him how his behavior is affecting all of them (Scott mentions that Vince came to his house at 4 in the morning looking for drugs, and when he told him to go home, Vince kicked his car). Vince’s erratic behavior continues, and he says the words I never expected to hear come out of his mouth: “I know you all need me, but I’ll call you if I need any of you”, right before storming off.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Ari is still furious with Ari about his outburst at the restaurant the night before. What Mrs. Ari doesn’t know is that Ari is planning a big grand surprise party for her 40th that night. He bribes her sister, who came to comfort the “ailing” Mrs.Ari, to get her out of the house so he can set up for the party. Later that night, with the house packed and Christina Aguilera getting ready to sing his wife’s favorite song the moment she walks through the door, her sister comes in to tell Ari that she isn’t coming. Mrs. Ari calls and apologizes. She tells him that she needs a break, and that she’s going to pick up the kids and stay at her mothers house. Being Ari Gold’s number one fan, I couldn’t get over the heartbreak that was so evident on Ari’s face after hearing this.

After running off with no intention of coming back home, Vince checks into a hotel. He then finds out that Eminem is having a party there, so after doing a quick line of coke he heads off to the party solo. In short, he ends up cursing out Eminem, resulting in him getting the shit kicked out of him. The guys get a call saying that Vince is in the hospital. When we finally see him, he’s in awful condition…no way he’ll be able to be on camera anytime soon. The episode ends with the cop who’s filling out his report pulling out a bag of coke and asking Vince if its his. Uh oh. How we’re all going to be able to wait until next season to find out how this train-wreak of a situation will play out, I don’t know.

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