Although I’ve tried multiple times to get rid of it, anytime I’m getting ready to go out anywhere, I always hear my mom’s voice in my head. “If you’re gonna show your legs, cover up your stomach.” Or “If you want it to be skin-tight, make sure it’s not too short!” In the past I always shouted “Ok, ok,” and then immediately pushed those thoughts into the little crevices of my mind where the other mommy-adages disappeared to. However, lately, I’ve noticed that maybe I wrote mom off a little too soon. There is a time and a place for most outfits, (we all have a few unmentionables in our closets, never to be worn again), but still it’s knowing when to wear which outfit that is key.

Picture this, it’s Friday afternoon, your Blackberry makes its signature BBM notifying sound and you race over excited to hear about the plans for the evening. First thing you realize, you got your rings mixed up, it was a text message not a bbm and the sender was not your friend telling you to meet her at the trendy bar down the street, nope, it’s from “Cute Work Guy,” and he wants to know if you are available for dinner! Slowly it’s coming back to you, you met in the elevator, you didn’t have time to jot down his name, but he promised he would text you, and here it was. Now you are in a bit of predicament. You had the perfect bar-hopping/club dress picked out for the evening, you aren’t sure if it’s completely dinner appropriate though. You figure whatever, I can totally wear the same dress, it’s hot, I look good in it, why not? Freeze. Back up honey. Yes, your black spandex American Apparel Dress is perfect for getting some wows in the club, but it certainly should not be on your checklist of dresses to wear out with a prospective boyfriend. It can be challenging to make this fine-line decision but with a few simple tips, you will never find yourself in such situation ever again.

1. You want to look hot, because you are not interested in witnessing his wandering eye. But you want to show him that you are subject to others. He should know he has a Campus Diva on his hands. This possible candi-“date” should be all about you. A nice fitting pair of jeans with a great top should easily do the trick.
2. Be sophisticated and classy. Nothing too short, or too revealing, especially not on the first date.
3. Wear something eye-catching. Accessories can always add a little something extra. A fun necklace, or fabulous earrings, perhaps a great pair of heels. I’d like to reference Carrie Bradshaw for this one. She knows how to accessorize. (She also has one of my personal favorite date styles.)
4. You don’t have to be conservative either. Don’t forget, sometimes showing off your shoulders or a little bit of leg can be just as hot as a plunging neckline.
5. And last but not least, remember it’s okay to be creative and unique. Guys will recognize the extra effort and will like that you dared to try something a little different. Always make yourself stand out from the rest.

I think it’s time to finally put this debate to rest. With these simple tips, you will be wowing your man (and everyone else’s for that matter).


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