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We’re at the point in the semester where the words in our textbooks start to run together and all the information we get in class goes in one ear and out the other. We need something to break up the monotony of classes, studying and homework. Usually a quick trip to happy hour can cure this problem, but if you’d prefer to skip the binge drinking, here are some ideas to kick the mid-semester slump.

Get Into A New Book Series

I suppose that some college students feel they do too much reading for their classes, but reading something a little lighter should break up the pages and pages of history, chemistry and psychology. The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins is a great choice for anyone looking for this kind of distraction. The books aren’t super long, but you will be hooked. They’re great for high school students, college students and adults — they aren’t your typical YA lit.

Movie Marathon!

This can go one of two ways: if you have a great DVD collection, put your cell phone on silent, make popcorn and get comfy. Choose a movie lineup of old favorites and completely new flicks. If your school is near a movie theater, grab some friends and make it a double feature (you need to be a little sneaky for this). Make popcorn at home and bring a bottle of water to save some money!

Take a Roadtrip

If your college is within 100 miles of any major city, pick a day, make a plan, find someone with a car and you can be on your way. Sometimes even just one day off campus can rejuvenate your state of mind and help you get back to the books with a new sense of determination. My roommates and I make impromptu trips to Philly all the time — sometimes we have a plan, sometimes we don’t, but we definitely always have a great time. Being a college student gives you the freedom to just pick up and go without worrying about responsibilities like houses, jobs and kids. Take advantage of it now before it’s too late.

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