Warehouse Jobs for Students Studying Long Hours

Being a student can be a tough job on its own; especially for students who are studying very long hours. Add to the stress of studies the fact that many students need to work in order to make an income and the situation can become even more hectic.

What type of work would suit a student who has such a demanding schedule? It can be hard to synchronize a work schedule with a study schedule. It can also be challenging to devote extra brain power to a job that requires complex cognitive tasks. There is one such job that is actually quite suitable for a student who is studying long hours, and that job is a warehouse worker.

Job Description of a Warehouse Worker

According to State University, a warehouse worker’s primary functions are receiving, storing and shipping merchandise that is kept in warehouses.

Typically, warehouse workers unload any shipments that are received in the warehouse and store those shipments. They also load merchandise that is being shipped out to customers. This loading and unloading can be done by hand or with a forklift.

While the primary role of a warehouse worker is to accept merchandise, store the accepted merchandise and handle sending out shipments, the specifics of a warehouse worker’s duties vary depending on the place of employment. No matter what the exact function, working in a warehouse is usually physically strenuous; however, because it does not require research, report writing and other such mentally taxing tasks, it is a position that is well-suited for college students who are studying long hours.

Working Conditions

The working conditions of a warehouse worker are quite fair. Hours can range from a full-time 40 hour work week to a flexible part-time schedule. The latter of the two is ideal for a student who is studying long hours. In addition to a flexible schedule, warehouse workers generally receive other perks, as well. These include sick days, vacation time, as well as benefits.

Finding Work

The employment outlook for warehouse workers is quite positive. Production of supplies and the need to ship and receive those supplies is a constant. Warehouses are located throughout the country and are often seeking help. 3PL Warehouse Inventory and Logistics is one of the many reputable companies seeking applicants on a regular basis and will accommodate the needs of students who are studying long hours.

In conclusion, working in a warehouse is a highly suitable job for a student who is studying long hours. Flexible scheduling and the need for workers make this an ideal job for those who must balance work and their studies.