Ways To Get Rich Without a College Degree

These days, society expects you to finish high school, graduate college, and maybe even go to graduate school. Going to college causes someone to anticipate getting a great, high-paying job right after graduating. However, as college degrees become more and more common, and jobs become even harder to find, even the highest college degrees cannot ensure someone will be able to get a good job. Regardless of the pressure that society puts on people to attend college, there are always ways to be rich without ever attending.

Be Super Smart

One way to get rich is to be so smart that you never have to go to college. A perfect example of this is computer genius, Bill Gates. Yes, you may be that smart ass saying, “Bill Gates did attend college, he went to Harvard.” Well he may have gone to Harvard, but Gates never actually graduated, nor did Mark Zuckerberg. He left after only two years, since he decided that he wanted to start his own computer software company. Most college dropouts probably wouldn’t be able to start a company, especially a multi-billion dollar one, but Gates did with Microsoft. This proves that someone who doesn’t get a college degree isn’t necessarily dumb, especially if your Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg.

Be an Heir/Heiress to a Mega Fortune

If you are already going to inherit billions of dollars, what’s the point of going to college? College is for people who need a degree to get a job to make money, or for those who just love learning (which is hard to come by).  By being an heir or heiress, you are already set for life, and college is just a waste of time. Take Paris Hilton for example, heiress to the Hilton Hotel fortune. Not only did she never go to college, but she also never graduated from high school. Today, Paris spends her time making sex tapes and dumb reality TV shows, which require little to no brains.

Do an MTV Challenge

Doing a Challenge on MTV is like trying to win the lottery. Everyone tries, but hardly anyone wins. To get on a show like MTV’s Challenges (a show where contestants compete in physical challenges to win money), you first have to have been on one of their other shows, like The Real World. Not only is everyone on these shows pretty much illiterate, but also most never went to college. Well, you don’t make any money being on The Real World, but if you go on one of MTV’s Challenges, you have a chance of winning hundreds of thousands of dollars just by fighting with people. Sweet deal, right?

Be Famous For No Reason

There are so many people out there who are famous, but that have never done anything. For some reason these famous people are making butt loads of money. I don’t get it, but I know if I was someone who was lucky enough to be famous for no reason, I’d milk it for all it’s worth, too. Most of these people who are famous for no reason, like Kim Kardashian or Lauren Conrad, are people who were given a reality TV show. Lucky bastards!

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