I fucking hate trying to keep New Years resolutions. I think most people, and myself included, always make the resolution to go to the gym more. It’s pathetic I know, but really anyone can make up any excuse why they can’t get there, especially while in college. You’re too busy with school work, too tired from the rager that you went to the night before, or got no sleep from all the sex you were having with the “rando” you met at the bar last night. Whatever the reason may be, it all begins and ends with you in your dorm room contemplating if you should go to the gym, while trying to make up an excuse on why today just “isn’t a good day” for you to go. If you don’t want to go to the gym because you are too lazy to walk there, you no longer have an excuse. Here are four ways to work out, without ever even having to step outside of your dorm.

Stair Master

Too cold to run outside? Well then, how about running up flights of stairs. Look, if you’re not going to go to the gym, you have to work with what you’ve got. Almost every single college dorm has a staircase inside it, so instead of taking the elevator to your room, a simple way to get those buns and thighs working is just by using the stairs instead. You can also use the staircase to run up and down. Make a game out of it. See how many flights of stairs you can run up without stopping. Obviously running down them is easier then going up, so make sure your lazy ass is going up the stairs more than it’s going down. Here’s a helpful hint: don’t do this exercise at night. You’re likely to find adventurous people getting it on in the stairwell, a surprise you probably don’t want to catch anyone in the middle of. Or who knows, maybe that will make working out more interesting.

Workout Videos

Recently my two suite mates decided to start the P90X program. They haven’t left their room in over a month to work out, however I can smell them working out from outside their door. Yea, gross. Regardless, all you need is a TV and an elastic workout band for resistance training and you’re set.  Following any good DVD program is a great way to work out, as long as you are actually committed to doing it. Most DVDs only take about 30 minutes a day, which if you think about it, isn’t that much at all. It’s not like you had to walk anywhere because you’re in the comfort of your own dorm. After you’re done, it’s only a few steps to the shower.

Buns and Thighs

Get that perfect butt by doing any type of squatting exercise you can think of. For stationary workouts, you can do squats and wall-sits. However, it’s important to remember that you have an entire hallway to use to your advantage to work out. Lunges up and down the hallway are perfect, as are squats. Calf raises are also a great way to get rid of those nasty “cankles” that you’re sporting. Really, any type of slow leg training can happen by using your room and floor hallway, just as long as you don’t care if your cute neighbor watches you work out when he opens his door.

Abs and Arms

I think it’s pretty obvious, but for the dumb fucks out there, this one is for you. It’s so easy and simple to just do a little ab workout and arm workout in your room, just by doing crunches and push-ups. Crunches, sit-ups and planks all require little space. Best of all, you can do them at any time. If you’re studying for a midterm, take a study break and do some crunches in between. Look, if you have to study, you might as well get skinnier while you’re doing it.

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