Weeds Social Club Hits Facebook, Season Premiere Tonight

weeds-social-club[via: Mashable]

Farmville is for losers. If you really wanna up your Facebook game, then get to growing and selling sticky buds in the new Weeds Social Club game.

Unfortunately, the game is in closed beta until August, but we figured we might as well let you know what’s up in the Facebook gaming world. This news “coincidentally” came on the perfect day – Weeds premieres tonight on Showtime at 10 PM. Well played, Nancy Botwin.

So how do you play the Weeds Social Club game? Great question: Unfortunately, it doesn’t teach you how to grow weed, but I’m sure you could find that elsewhere – there’s this thing called the Internet, it’s got everything. You do get a time clock that tracks the growth and distribution of your product though. You also have to deal with all the problems that Nancy faces in her own drug dealing exploits (run-ins with the police, organized crime, taxes, etc.). You can interact with other players around the world or limit gameplay to just your own Facebook friends.

So you might not be able to play the game just yet, but you CAN bide your time by watching the new season of Weeds. Soon enough it’ll be August, and you can spent hours of precious work time getting distracted by digital pot plants.

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