Weekend Tracks: New Pretty Lights (Featuring LeAnn Rimes & Ralph Standley) and Skrillex (Featuring The Doors)


This week is all about RE:Generation, a documentary about 5 DJs and an experimental movement mixing DJ Beats with quintessential Rock sounds, in the same studio. Pretty Lights teams up with LeAnn Rimes and Ralph Standley, two juggernauts in the world of country, and lays his unique electronic sound over that twangy, down home vibe. Skrillex goes the classic rock route, teaming up with Rock legends, The Doors (minus Jim Morrison), to collide sex, drugs, and rock & roll with sex, drugs, and house. Check out both tracks right here and get your Halloween weekend going right.

Pretty Lights – Wayfaring Stranger (ft. LeAnn Rimes & Ralph Standley) by

Skrillex Ft The Doors – Breaking A Sweat But I Just Believe [ DJ CROSS BOOTLEG ] by [ 0_o ]

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