Weekly Rant by the Sexually Frustrated: How Guys Don’t Take Initiative


Here’s yet another edition of my “Weekly Rant by the Sexually Frustrated,” a weekly column written by me, the fabulous Campus Diva who is just constantly sexually frustrated. Read after the jump about how guys really need to wake the fuck up and start taking initiative.

Guy with cougar

Something I’ve been thinking about lately is how I must have lost all of my game. I swear, at one point in my life I had game, but now it’s nonexistent. I’m generally used to getting what I want (in terms of acquiring ass), and I’ve noticed I just haven’t been getting what or who I want.

Is it me? Have I seriously just lost my game? I know I have the ability to be sexy, and I’m generally a pretty fun and fabulous girl, so what the fuck’s the problem? I’ll tell you what the problem is: guys.

Don’t you find it strange how a sexy, attractive girl will be talking to a guy, but he will wind up hooking up with or dating a less attractive girl? Lately, I’ve been somewhat pursuing this guy, who’s younger than me, by the way, on my own terms since I don’t throw myself at guys (not very sexy to throw yourself at him, by the way ladies). We talk sometimes through text since when we are in person it’s difficult to have a sensual conversation. But I always initiate the texts. He will sometimes just say, “Lol” or something gay like that and then the texting conversation is done. Not very good for my ego.

So here’s what this may potentially mean: 1. He’s yet another pussy; 2. He doesn’t really think it’s an option and thinks I won’t be interested (I am older than him, after all); or 3. He’s just not that into me (we all read the book and saw the movie so it’s always a possibility).

Obviously, we are all thinking the same thing: the answer lies with choice 3. He’s just not that into me. But I’m going to say something to you and I don’t care how it comes off. He has no reason to not be into me. I can tell he’s attracted to me, he finds me funny, I’m a hot, older woman, and frankly, I’m fabulous. So why the fuck isn’t he acting more interested?

There’s nothing more frustrating than pursuing someone who you think will be an easy lay or an easy goal, and he’s just not catching the bait. He’s not hooked yet (or some other fishing references). This, in turn, makes me more interested so it’s a never-ending cycle.

He has no reason to not be interested in me and no one here likes someone who is hard to get. So… STOP PLAYING HARD TO GET. You should be easy for me to fucking hold down, let alone since you’re younger, so why the fuck is this difficult?

So to sum up, I don’t think I’ve so much lost game, as guys have decided to start pretending to be hard to get. You have no reason to not be interested in me (yes, I know I can be cocky), so stop fucking pretending you’re not interested! Start holding conversations when I text you. Start showing more interest and ask me on an actual date instead of just joking about it every time you see me. Basically, man the fuck up. Because I’m sick of being man enough for both of us.

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