Weekly Rant by the Sexually Frustrated – How Relationships Change


Welcome to the latest edition of “Weekly Rant by the Sexually Frustrated,” a weekly column written by me, the fabulous Campus Diva who needs to get some things off her chest. Read about the frustrations of evolving relationships after the jump.

Something that’s really been hitting me lately is how upsetting it is when relationships change, and sometimes dissolve into nothing. As we go through our lives, friendships unfortunately come and go, and many times it’s due to mere circumstance. If you transfer colleges, chances are, it will become increasingly difficult to keep in touch with your friends from the previous university. This isn’t because you don’t like each other any longer, or because you no longer want to be friends, but because at a certain point, things dissolve. There is no real reason to be friends any longer, as terrible as it sounds. You no longer live in the same state, were never originally from the same state, and were friends because you happened to go to the same college. Even if it was the best friendship you ever had, the distance does not make the heart grow fonder, it makes it impossible to be as close anymore.

Guy walking away from girl

So what happens when this happens with old flames? People you really hit it off with, could potentially be in love with or would obviously fall in love with, but now it’s over due to circumstance. It hurts too much to hold on to because there’s just no fucking point.

How sad is that? How do you just accept you will probably never see each other again? It would be weird to just go visit him; it would be weird to keep talking since you never see each other and no one wants a fucking pen pal you can’t even sleep with. So what do you do? Or, more appropriately, what do I do? Do I accept the loss of someone who was, at one time, incredibly important to my life?

Well, it would seem I have to. Because guys are different than girls. Guys, no matter how great they may be, will choose to try to move on, while the girl will hold on to what they once had. The guy will be increasingly vague about whether or not he wants to see her, since he obviously doesn’t want to come off as pathetic either.

So guys, what is it you are actually thinking? While you may have really cared about the girl at one time, do you just not care anymore? Or are you pretending not to care because you gotta keep your image intact? Well, if it’s the latter, then that is really fucking stupid. Life’s too short, and you should see the people you want to while you are still able to.

But if it’s the first option, and you just don’t care anymore and have moved on, then have the decency to say so. Something girls hate more than most things is vagueness. So if you want to see her, tell her. And if you don’t, yet it will hurt, but then she can start to move on as well. Stop being so fucking vague with your answers about whether or not you want to see us or be with us.

And no matter what, this vagueness will eventually lead us to assume the first option anyway. If you’re going to continue to be vague, I, and every other girl, will assume the worst. So what do we do? It looks like no matter how you cut it, the answer is this: move on. How fucking sad is that?

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