Weekly Sunday Night TV Recap 11/18

By Matt Lee

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Fuck Enthusiasm, curb the shitty cameos. First Christian Slater, now Rossie O’Donnell, who’s next…Andy Dick. Of course if that were the case the episode would have to feature someone getting anal warts or some sort of venereal disease.

Larry David usually finds a way to offend the majority of viewers, but in the last Episode titled “Denise Handicap” he managed to offend all of them. As you know Larry usually plays the role of the asshole, but in this past episode he decided to be the nice guy by dating a woman in a wheelchair. Surely enough his true colors were revealed when he two-timed her with another member of the handicap community. The concepts of political correctness aside, it was hilarious to watch him try to crawl his way out of this situation.

The comedic spectrum embedded within the show Curb Your Enthusiasm is so vast; Larry David could cock slap the pope and still get a laugh. For more information and updates for Curb your Enthusiasm, check back next week.

Bored to Death

“I hope your heart is broken many times. Because it means you will have loved many times”. – Dimitri

Bored To Death seems to be getting better and better with each episode. Jonathan Ames went from tracking down stolen skateboards to helping his new client track down his lost love. Dimitri, a recently-paroled convict, finds Ames on Craigslist and seeks his help to find Irenna, a Russian dancer. Meanwhile George, played by Ted Danson, embarks on a new journey of Bi-sexuality in the attempt to reach out to more female readers to help his magazine.

After getting a little to involved with the Russian mafia, and taking to many shots of vodka Ames takes his detective carrier to the next level, and in the process teaches us all a new way to use brass knuckles. For more info on Bored To Death check back next week, for the Sunday recap.

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