The true campus socialite is an intelligent, witty, social all-star with good taste and, of course, a true sense of style. Good style not only gives you the ability to attract your next Mrs. Right-Now, but will also give you the confidence and attitude to help you further yourself in every part of life. Our goal is really quite simple: we are here to help you show the world how dope you really are through your own personal style, or if you’re really not that cool – to make you look like you are at least.


The Style section of is where socialites come to refine the details of their persona. In this section we’ll show you what’s hot, offer advice, guidance, and show you the personal style of some of our favorite people. We will not bore you with lengthy literature about shit you don’t care about. Instead, we’ll keep it short and to the point, providing all the necessary info and none of the fluff.


We’re here to guide you from that eighteen year old cool kid to that twenty something dude everyone knows. From what to wear tonight, to your next formal, to Bonnaroo. As you become a sartorial all-star we hope that you find useful content and inspiration within our pages. Remember, if you aren’t already… “Act as if…” and that starts with dressing the part.