Welcome to the Future:

October 6th, 2010. A man looks at his BBM Buddy List and sees a name with no picture accompanying it. He rolls over the name only to see that when it’s highlighted, an image of Spider-Man magically appears. It’s called a ghost pic: Utilizing space-age technology, you can take an image and make it visible only when it is highlighted.

This same man goes online to find more, assuming that there was some central site where Blackberry users can rummage through thousands of similar hidden pictures, only to find nothing. That same night, he registered a domain name, and recruited a friend to help him code. They launched at noon the next day with about 15 images to choose from. In no time at all BBMers all over the nation were picking up on the trend. In a week the site has become a huge success.

Now, a week later, there are all kinds of images from pop culture, television shows, movies, music artists, phrases, song lyrics, and sports teams. And there’s more added every day. If you have a Blackberry, then you’d be stupid to not check out and get yourself a ghost pic today!

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