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By: Jessica Sorentino (University of Delaware)

More often than not, juniors and seniors take advantage of living off-campus in houses, apartments and complexes. But just because you don’t live in a little cubicle dorm room and share a bathroom with 17 other people doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know your neighbors.

Last year, my roommates and I had a fantastic time as juniors, but if I could change one thing it would have been to make more friends in our complex. Think about it. You have so many people your age at your disposal — maybe to study, to walk to class, to even invite to parties or just hang out.

We made cookies for all our neighbors in order to introduce ourselves last year. Before I elaborate on the results of our baking let me just give one important suggestion: don’t give neighbors reason to think you hate them and that you called the cops on them.

The cookies didn’t necessarily do anything positive because the girls who lived right next door to us had no desire to make new friends and truly believed we called the cops on their welcome-back-to-school party (for the record we did not).

My recommendation to you new off-campus victims is to not be victims to the awkward neighbor issue that my roommates and I experienced. Within the first week of school, it may be a good idea to introduce yourself to those living around you. You can check out Facebook or e-mail everyone, you can arrange a block party, or if you want simplicity you can do it the old-fashioned way and knock on all the doors and say “Whats up!”

Enjoy welcome week everybody!

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