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By: Ricza Lopez (Buffalo State College)
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I had to do something special for the ladies. Not for nothing, but we all came across the man’s “package” at some point in our lives. Whether it was through that sex education class, grinding on that potential crush at a party or just downright having no shame in your game and just staring. At some point you just get that curiosity and just want to know what that man is working with. What’s holding you back? The fact that there are some misconceptions and hear-says that just have you thinking “Hmm..”. Have no fear my dear we’re going to tackle on these rumors and draw our own conclusions!

Now, you know when the fella is trying to spit some game to you. He feels the need to boast about what he’s working with and how he’s going to give it to you good in the bedroom. Look, please do not be fooled. If a man feels the need to talk about how great he is in the bedroom, reality is….he is not working with much down there honey. A man who really puts in his work in the bedroom is discreet about what he does and will not tell everyone and their mother about it, unless he wants everyone to depict  him as such.

This has got to be the biggest cliche that I have heard up to date. We had our share of getting it in at the club or at a party. All I’m going to say is that we have got to be dumb to think that if that guy has moves on the dance floor, that he can do the same thing in the bedroom. It isn’t always the case because some of us are blessed with different abilities. Please don’t get it wrong, there are a few out there that can both dance and get their duties done in the bedroom, however, there are many men out there that can put in their work and make that female yell to the top of her lungs, he just cannot do it in the form of dance. Next time you go out to the club and you dance with that guy who cannot pull off to that 1-2 step, don’t fret because he has yet to show you his best… just be patient.

On to the next subject, there are some questions that are borderline when it comes to the man’s “Johnson” if you will. Some questions that you may want to consider asking a guy when it comes to his piece are the following (even worse if someone else asks, claiming that they are asking on your behalf): “Can I grab it?”, “Are you circumcised?”, “I heard you have a big d***, if so, can I see what all the fuss is about?” I can see that you kind of get the hint as to some questions you may want to think twice about before asking that man. Just know that by posing such questions, you risk the following: the mere fact that he can use those questions against you, cause some kind of awkwardness between the both of you, or even cause some kind of ego boost or insecurity. The worst thing possible that can happen is that if someone asks and claim that they are asking as a favor for their friend and you never wanted to know the info in the first place, the guy is always and I mean always going to think you wanted to know and will not hesitate to bring it up on a regular basis.

The next thing I must get into is the size. Now the first element I will touch on is height plus size. A man can look fine as hell and not be working with much while a man who is not blessed with looks can be rammed packed with an anaconda in his pants. Please do not ask that man to take his index finger and his middle finger to make the shape of an “L”. First off, that is not accurate proportions for width and length of the package down there. Second, there are men who are blessed but yet do not know how to work what they have. At the same time there are some men who aren’t blessed with much but can put it to work like nobody’s business. Do not let the size fool you!

The next element I will get into is something I have had to face as a college student. I will start off by saying I am sick and tired of these college men (and maybe men in general) talking about they need a magnum condom to handle their business in the bedroom. What you guys need to do is to stop frontin’ and stop lying to these females you are trying to get at, and most of all, stop kidding yourself. Let it be known that the average size of a man’s penis in the United States is five inches. We all know good and damn well that every man in the US, better yet all the men in a college setting is not working with a penis the size of a magnum. Now that that’s out of the way, there is nothing wrong with exploring with condoms. What in the hell happened to Lifestyles? As far as I’m concerned, before Trojan Magnums, there were Extra Large Lifestyles. The last thing we all want is that when the moment comes, the condom is slipping off because you didn’t get your appropriate and designated size. My man, don’t be ashamed, you’d rather be safe than sorry right? You don’t want that lady to put an end to the moment because you tried to be something you’re truly about pressure. At the end of the day you have to be true to yourself. If you really need the Trojan Magnum, cool, but if you don’t, I highly suggest you leave it alone and work with what condom is best suited for you and your needs please.

My ladies, now that these concerns and misconceptions are out of the way, you are now able to decipher what you want out of that man and his package. Do not be quick to judge because he isn’t working with your ideal size, you may be surprised with what he may work with inside. Remember that there is something about the ones that are quiet when it comes to what they can offer a woman sexually. If you think or know that you are bold, then by all means go ahead and handle your business. Don’t say that you have not been warned beforehand.

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