What Students Look for in College & University Accommodations

The days of ‘student digs’ and shared accommodation between multiple students aren’t as popular today as they once were, and while many still take part in the ‘traditional’ student experience, a lot of modern students are looking for something a bit more modern; a space that can keep up with the demands of the student wishing to live in and make the most out of the city.

Are you a hopeful student wondering what sort of accommodation you should be looking into for when you fly the nest? Perhaps you’re renting out student property, and wondering what to include to be in with the best chance of securing demand for the foreseeable future? Whatever the case may be, look at this short guide, going over some of the top things that students look for in modern university accommodation.


(Admittedly, in the current climate we find ourselves in, this isn’t as much of an issue with many people living and studying from home, but it is still something to hopefully consider for the near future).

Closeness to their chosen place of study is a priority for the modern student, and if you’re someone moving to accommodation near an open campus in the future, you’re going to want to see how close by you are to the nearest library, and how quickly you’ll be able to get onto campus for lectures and seminars. Not only that, but a massive appeal of living in a city is the doorstep access it provides to the surrounding area, including things such as general nightlife, specific bars and restaurants, and even local travel access such as train stations and buses etc.


Of course, student apartments and rooms, particularly within campuses or in busy city centers, are hardly going to have extreme amounts of space, and so it’s important that the design is efficient, and that those living within an apartment know how to make the most of it. Many modern student accommodation solutions offered nowadays, such as the ones displayed by RWinvest (throughout their luxury accommodation in Liverpool and Manchester, for example), offer minimalist designs that are non-overbearing, so as to not get in the way of a tenant’s needs – helping them with their busy schedule rather than getting in their way. For those stuck inside the same four walls at the moment it is also a godsend, as it means they have a bit more space to play with.


Students want the best that they can get from their accommodation when going to university, particularly when living on an open campus and in a city center. That’s why many of the best cities in the UK, such as London, Manchester and Liverpool offer high-end, luxury accommodation, with many different amenities.

Something like an on-site gym is perfect for the young professional tenant that is too busy with work or studying, and can’t get to the gym at convenient times (especially when there’s so many people there at peak times!). Having these sorts of preparations within their building means they can quickly get things done on their own, personalized timescale.