What To Do When You Have A New Sexual Partner

When you meet someone new, it’s an exciting time for each partner. However, it’s also natural to feel overwhelmed and nervous, especially when it comes to learning what each other likes in the bedroom. Having a new sexual partner can stir all sorts of feelings. Still, no matter your past experiences in relationships, this is a whole new journey to embrace.

Whatever stage you’re at in the relationship, intimacy will be an important part of it. So take a look at these handy tips for sex with a new partner.

Talk about your feelings

Whether you’re feeling anxious, nervous, excited, or all of the above, communicate these feelings to your partner. Learning to open up with someone will benefit both you and your partner, and it typically strengths the bond between you. When you create this conversation, it also provides an opportunity to open up as well.

Wear what makes you feel comfortable

Believe it or not, you don’t have to be completely naked to have sex, especially if it doesn’t feel right for you. Trust and intimacy take time to build, so wear what makes you feel comfortable in the moment. It’s not just what you wear that can make your feel great. Think about the little details such as wearing fragrances or wearing products that make your skin feel soft and beautiful. Pleasure and intimacy come in many forms, and these aspects may heighten the experience.

Explore your fantasies

It happens in many different ways, and all couples find their feet for what works and doesn’t in the relationship. Even when you’re with someone new, it doesn’t hurt to talk about fantasies and elements you love during. Toys are another topic that often crops up, and they can be a great feature to add to spice things up. Examples such as these on wetforher.com give you an idea of what might work in your love life.

Don’t forget it’s ok to laugh

It’s natural for things to make you laugh during sex. Noises are generally one of them! However, when you’re in that new bubble, it can feel strange to laugh, but don’t be afraid to. It is funny, and things happen outside of your control so try not to worry about what the other is thinking. Just remember, it isn’t perfect all the time, but that’s the beauty of it.

Chat about the experience

It’s for any couple a learning curve. When you’ve been intimate several times, you’ll explore how each other thinks and feels during intercourse. However, it’s also important to remember what happens after. That moment after action is a great time to talk about the experience and what you liked. It’s also perfect for just being still and enjoying each other’s presence at the moment.

Engaging with a new partner doesn’t have to be daunting. So opening up and being honest about your feelings can help deepen your connection.

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