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By: Jessica Sorentino (University of Delaware)

Everyone who has seen the campus of the University of Delaware says it’s pretty. It is absolutely beautiful — colonial-style white and brick buildings, brick walkways, grass that stays green all year round due to an unimaginable amount of chemicals — but the surroundings are not the only thing to notice in Newark.

The University of Delaware is also filled with pretty people. It seems like everyone who goes to this university has been at one point, or still is, an athlete or works out on a regular basis. If you sit and people watch from any spot on campus, you will see two types of people.

The first are the people who get dressed forgetting they’re only going to class and look immaculate. They’ll be wearing jeans, boots or boat shoes (guys), nicer shirts or Polos, some dresses. You get the point. For girls, hair is always in place and if guys have bed head it was done intentionally. These people always look put together even though secretly inside they know they have 101 things to take care of by 3 p.m.

The other type of people seen is those rocking the exercise clothes. Gym shorts, baggy sweats (probably with gym shorts underneath), t-shirts and sports bras, sneakers and the Delaware logo take over these kids clothes. Some are school athletes, sporting a team and number on the apparel; others just live in the gym in between classes. Regardless, you can tell looking at them that exercise is a fundamental part of their routine.

It’s funny though, because even the workout-clothes-wearing students still always look presentable. And besides them, it’s rare to just see someone wandering the campus in pajamas or sweats without the whole ensemble during the week.

The point is, Delaware is characterized for the beauty of its environment. If you take a closer look, you’ll notice the students also help characterize the beauty, and if you’re a person with some insecurities about physical appearance, look out because here, you will feel uncomfortable. Just a friendly warning. And if you’re an incoming Freshman with uncertainties of what to show up to class in on Tuesday, now you know.

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