by: Ann Redus (UTSA)

Every year millions of men all over the world stress about what to do for Valentine’s Day. I’m here to let you know what woman expect for Valentine’s Day…

First of all, Valentine’s Day is (Sunday) February 14th. Don’t you forget it! This holiday may not be a big deal to guys, but it is for girls. It’s like a test to see how much effort the man is willing to put forth for us. Girls want to feel special on Valentine’s Day, like we’re wanted.

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Most women like flowers. Flowers are pretty and thoughtful. Some women don’t like them, but by now you should have already established if she likes them or not. I hate it when guys say, “I don’t do flowers… They just die.” Good to know that YOU don’t do flowers because we don’t care if YOU do flowers or if they die, they look nice – WE like them! Attach a couple of balloons and a sweet little card saying something like, “I can’t wait to see you later,” and we’ll be impressed.

Now onto dinner… most of the guys I know have multiple roommates so ideally I’m not trying to spend Valentine’s Day with my man and his buddies. No offense, but I don’t really find that romantic. It’s nice to enjoy dinner together at a nice restaurant on Valentine’s Day. Make reservations at a place both of you enjoy eating at or somewhere that’s memorable for the two of you. Be sure to make a reservation well in advance to avoid long waiting times. Women hate waiting.

You should definitely have something romantic planned for after dinner. Whether it’s lighting candles at home or taking her to a scenic spot around town, she’ll appreciate it. It doesn’t take a lot to make women happy, you just have to be sincere and put forth effort. Simply giving us attention is satisfying and if you satisfy us, we’ll satisfy you. Good luck, men!

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