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By: Chhaya Néné (University of Miami)

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Gentlemen, have you ever wondered why you haven’t managed to snag that perfect girl? You know she’s there but somehow you wind up either hooking up with random girls, or end up in relationships that don’t last? Maybe it’s the approach… here are the top five things that the ladies have said they would enjoy and that would put the guy in a positive light!

5. Baking with Betty Crocker

Okay no girl is expecting a gourmet cake that’s made from scratch. But something such as cookies or a cake with a little help from Betty Crocker will certainly make a girl happy. Presentation here is also key, don’t just shove it into a plastic bag and toss it to her. If you place them in cling wrap and add a cute message in them her heart is sure to melt.

4. Movie Night

Ask the girl to a movie that SHE would like. If you aren’t sure what she’s into, ask her. Don’t assume she wants to go see a violent movie or that she automatically wants to see a chick flick. Each girl will have a different preference, but if it is a chick flick suck it up and go. Don’t make snide comments throughout the movie or even after because it leaves a bad impression and she may not want to see you again.

3. Meet the Friends

If you take the time to introduce her to your friends and make her feel comfortable with who you are, chances are she’ll be more comfortable with you.  This goes both ways as well, meaning you should meet her friends and be able to go out with them. If both of you are comfortable with each other’s circle of friends it will make for smooth sailing in the future.

2. Surprise Date Night/Something Special

Treat her as if she is precious! Think about things that would make her smile! This could be small things like dedicating a song to her on the radio, cooking a dinner, bringing her a smoothie, taking her to the beach with a picnic lunch. The time and effort you put into a date will show, she will know how hard you try and more than likely you will land the girl of your dreams.

1. Tell her the Truth!

If you like a girl then TELL her. This seems pretty obvious but it can be tough, I understand. Especially if you really like the girl it can seem daunting to tell her how you feel but if you look at it this way, telling her is the hardest part. She’ll either tell you she likes you, or she doesn’t. You have a 50-50 shot, and if she doesn’t then you CAN move on. It may be that timing isn’t right or that she isn’t the right girl for you, either way YOU have options!

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