What Your Kids Are Really Learning in College

Studying college

College is a great place where students learn how to make it in the real world. They’re educated on their desired field of work and study, and they learn valuable lessons.

At least they’d better learn valuable lessons, for all the money you pay the university every semester!

What college is teaching your students is a question you might ask when you receive yet another text from your 20-year-old using the word “your/you’re” incorrectly. Maybe you wouldn’t be surprised to learn that college is not teaching exactly what you thought.

1. College teaches good eating habits

Actually, college doesn’t teach good eating habits. It teaches an eating lesson: You can’t eat whatever you want.

College students might think French fries, pizza, and beer are all they need to survive, but once they realize their clothes don’t fit anymore, they’ll understand that eating whatever you want is probably not the greatest idea.

2. Going to class does matter

Your kids will learn quickly that showing up and actually paying attention to lectures does matter. Even if mom and dad aren’t there to force them into going to class each morning, the drop in grades will teach them that they have to show up.

Getting notes from other students isn’t always a good idea; especially if your friends have the same idea as you about skipping class for an extra-long nap.

3. You have to stay motivated

Being in college means you’re no longer beneath the microscopic lens of your parents and teachers. Your professors don’t actually care whether you show up or not. They’re going about their life teaching the students who actually do care to learn something.

Your kids are learning quickly in college that they have to motivate themselves to be mature and responsible. It’s probably one of the best lessons they’ll learn, especially when they enter the real world and have to make a living of their own … unless they plan on hitting it big in the stock market, in which case they can retire after graduation.

It might not be exactly what you’re paying for each semester, but some of the lessons college teaches your kids aren’t so bad. They’re actually pretty useful. Besides, there are calculators and Google searches for most things your kids need to know.

The lessons they learn in college can’t be taught on the Internet or through a textbook. There’s no need to fear that they’re not taking anything away from their college experience.