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Penn State students are spoiled when it comes to the college bar scene with over twenty bars to choose from in the heart of town. There’s always plenty of options and drink specials every night, but there’s certain bars you gravitate towards and Cafe 210 is one of them.

With it’s front and back patios, Cafe has the best outdoor seating in town making it the place to be once all the snow melts. At the first sign of spring, most of the senior class can be found in their sunglasses pouring pitchers and drinking with their friends on the patio. It’s only right for seniors to skip class and indulge in some cold booze and buffalo chicken dip after a seemingly endless winter.

Not only do I love Cafe because of it’s great outdoor atmosphere, I love it because I am a tea whore (and not afraid to admit it). That is the many flavored Cafe Teas they sell for $2 on Wednesday nights. I mean, how can you not like an alcoholic drink that tastes like Kool-Aid and gets you tipsy after a half a glass. With 12 flavors to chose from, I’d recommend the pomegranate and strawberry but beware, too many teas means a painful hangover.

Another reason this Penn State bar is a personal favorite is their serving sizes. Any drink you order, you can get supersized and drink it from your own personal pitcher. Whether that’s a good or bad idea depends on the night, but it avoids having to stand in line at the bar every 15 minutes. Cafe offers different drink specials every day of the week, so plan ahead and go when your favorite is half off. They have discounted pitchers and Bud Light drafts every day, but if you’re looking for Happy Hour specials come to Cafe between 9-11 except on Friday when Happy Hour is 6-8.

On Wednesday’s and weekend nights, the Cafe hosts local and touring bands for your viewing pleasure. The live music sets this bar apart from the rest, as Cafe’s entire back room will turn into a dance floor full of college kids singing along to cover songs.

In addition to the live music, cheap booze, and great location, Cafe 210 holds weekly beer pong tournaments. Every Monday night, students are welcome to enter the tournament for a $5 buy-in with a chance to win a $200 prize. So if you’re in State College and bored on a Monday, try out your skills at Cafe 210. Two hundred bucks can buy you a lot of teas and french fries.

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