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The rest of the country is finally catching on to what college students have known about for months: Four Loko. The popular alcohol and caffeine combo drink, has become the subject of a much controversy and criticism after a number of cases and death and illness popped up across the country. With the media attention, the popularity has only grown, prompting schools like The University of Rhode Island to ban the product from their campus and New York State to make the drink illegal as of early December.

Just yesterday, Chicago-based Phusion Projects, maker of the popular drink, said it will now remove the caffeine, taurine, guarana from Four Loko and has set out to reformulate the drink.

If there’s one thing I know college students hate, it’s being told they aren’t allowed to do something. In this case, it’s drink Four Loko. I can see it becoming a pretty hot commodity on the college black market – right up there with Adderall. It may be against school cheating codes to use Adderall as a study aid, but we all know people who use it and get away with it. Four Loko — real Four Loko, not the redeveloped kind — will gain a similar following, forcing college students to get creative or they won’t be spending many nights next semester clutching their favorite neon colored cans. Here are some ways you can still get your hands on it.

Get Yourself A Four Loko Dealer

Similar to your basic drug dealer, the Four Loko dealer will sell cans of Four Loko in a variety of flavors to eager college students and unsuspecting high school students. Transactions will take place in dorm rooms, on street corners and outside of liquor stores. Prices will vary, sexual favors might be accepted (if that’s how you roll), but your dealer will always know how to hook you up with some first-class product.

Make Your Own Four Loko

This definitely takes a bit more work on your part, but if your Four Loko craving won’t go away, here’s a solution for you. All the materials are easy to find, it’s just the actual mixing process that takes a bit more effort. You can even try to make your own flavors. Check out this video on how to do it.

Go Across State Lines

New York will stop Four Loko deliveries on November 19, but that doesn’t mean New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania will! A quick drive over the bridge or across the state line will put you in Four Loko heaven. Make friends with the guys who work at the liquor stores you visit and they can give you a heads up to secret shipments and underground Four Loko movement.

Stock Up!

If these options don’t sound appealing, run out to the liquor store now and STOCK UP. Get a couple cans of your favorite flavor and store them in the refrigerator for a later date. Surprise friends on their birthday with a can of their favorite flavor.

Follow these tips and it will be like prohibition all over again!

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