Settle Your Bar Fights in the Octagon

In case you missed it, ex-major league slugger and professional rat Jose Canseco got manhandled by a 7’2″ South Korean kickboxer. Canseco, who actually was once a respectable ball player, is now known as the juiced up sellout who ruined the game of baseball as we know it. His book Juiced opened the floodgates on the steroids problem in Major League Baseball as he accused players of using banned substances and tainting the record books forever. From what it looks like, Canseco is trying to make some extra change and apparently fighting a 7’2″ mutant was the only thing he could think of. This giant dwarfed Canseco and besides taking an opening right hand, he walked through the fight untouched.


Besides Canseco taking a serious ass kicking there is something to be learned from this spectacle, the world of Mixed Martial Arts has arrived as a mainstream sport and has surpassed boxing. Sure this fight drew ratings because of a 7’2″ monster fighting a washed up ballplayer who I personally refer to as “juice face killer”, but the fact that Canseco mixed it up in an MMA environment instead of a boxing ring shows where the sport is. MMA has also taken campuses nationwide by storm by having live fights at campus stadiums and promoting to an audience in which males 18-24 are a huge target audience. The brains behind this growing corporation, Dana White, has taken the sport to new levels.

The early days of the UFC featured straight street brawlers with only a few actual submission fighters (Ken Shamrock) and could only be seen on Pay Per View. The sport was actually banned in the states during the mid 90’s due to a death in a tournament. Along came Dana White who was actually running a gym in the Las Vegas area, and decided to start managing two up and coming fighters…Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell. With an eye for talent like Ortiz and Liddell (that’s like being Scott Boras and Drew Rosenhaus minus the scum factor), White was destined to turn the MMA into a major power player in the sports entertainment world. When the UFC went up for sale, White pitched the idea to two childhood friends who were making bank, and presto…it seems like overnight success and a new addiction for all of us.

White recently was a guest on the Dan Patrick show and was asked if he thinks MMA will be a Olympic or collegiate sport. He responded with “I dont know if it will happen while I’m alive, but I guarantee its definitely going to be an Olympic sport.” He was then asked which would happen first the Olympics or college in which he stated “Probably college, I know that there are some schools out there right now- not only colleges but high schools that actually have MMA classes.” This could be a huge breakthrough for all you collegiate athletes and should be approached as a professional sport. While college wrestling and karate is a dead end, leading to the Olympics where the overall payday is small if any, the MMA  can lead to a full time career. Don’t get me wrong, having an Olympic metal hanging our your mantel would be amazing but you first need a contract to buy that mantel.  It is the new World Wrestling Federation and with corporate sponsors, sold out Pay Per Views, and a television series which gets more views than Major League Baseball games, the UFC and Dana White have a serious product on their hands. White is the new “IT” guy in the business world and has official Campus Socialite status, he flies private jets all over the world, goes to the the most exclusive parties, hits the Vegas blackjack tables before bed and even has a new UFC video game coming out.  

Like to fight and don’t want that boring 9-5 cubicle job after graduation? Stop the bar fights and get in the octagon and mix it up MMA style because the next Dana White could be watching you. Take a lesson from our friend the 7’2″ giant, MMA has all shapes and sizes. I didn’t even think it was possible for humans to be this big, but apparently Canseco thought the roids would help. The Campus Socialite salutes you 7’2″ behemoth for doing what so many of us would love to do. Stick to celebrity boxing Jose, Dana White has the MMA world in a choke hold, anyway I hear Screech has a mean left hook.

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