Which Startups Are Changing the Casino Industry for Good

The casino industry has seen significant changes just in the last few years alone. While land based casinos such as those in Las Vegas and Atlantic City continue to be popular destinations for millions of visitors every year, a new phenomenon is slowly taking place and companies around the world are starting to take notice.

The popularity of online gambling websites continue to increase at a rapid rate with this trend likely to continue for some reason. This is particularly true as developing countries such as China and Singapore account for a huge portion of this growth.

Such websites allow anyone with a computer, an internet connection and a credit card to start placing bets online in literally minutes. The sheer convenience of it all and also the potential to bring in extra income make it very appealing indeed.

Gambling online is still illegal in some countries, but this may very well change in the future as the industry becomes more mainstream. But this industry is set to change again with the widespread use of smartphones that run on iOS and Android software.

In fact, huge companies such as Facebook and Zynga have already been competing social casino games with many more trying to capitalize on the opportunity.


With such fierce competition, Koolbit is a mobile startup which has a tune of more than a million users. What is even more surprising though is that the company has built this huge following for its casino games just on Android devices alone and has very high rankings in the Google Play store.

By focusing strictly on casino games for mobile devices, this company has set itself apart from even bigger companies. As smartphones become more prevalent around the world, such companies are in prime positions to better cater to this niche market.

A new report anticipates revenues from social casino games to grow to $2.4 billion by 2015. These are solid figures and goes to show how startups such as Koolbit can change the casino industry. It’s still too early to tell but this company has tremendous potential for changing the industry. Websites such as may also follow suit.

Huge earnings potential

Land based casinos around the world already rake in billions of dollars with that figure increasing at an exponential rate as more people go online. However, what really has investors excited is the huge growth potential for the mobile gaming market as online gambling laws can change in the coming years.

Koolbit is still a relatively small company but it definitely has the potential to change the casino industry. It’s nearly impossible to predict how much of an impact the company would have so only time will tell.