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As the industry changes, so have the methods by which music is promoted. Traditional marketing is being replaced by artists and bands using social media sites like Twitter to engage fans, promote their work, and connect with others. The modern web and the future of the music industry seem almost inextricably intertwined in terms of marketing, listening, communicating, and purchasing. Twitter is one of the many ways for people to instantly and quickly communicate, and artists are taking advantage of its vast potential.

Is your favorite artist tweeting?  Here is a list of some Campus Socialite favorites you might want to follow…

50 Cent – Rapper 50 Cent posts tons of links, retweets content (mostly about himself) and updates very regularly. He hardly follows anyone, so don’t expect a return follow.

Alicia Keys – Keys tweets almost every day (sometimes multiple times), giving fans some insight into her daily life and what she’s up to. She also tweets back and forth with friends and family members.

Ben Folds – Ben Folds of the Ben Folds Five tweets regularly and often posts TwitPics to show what he’s up to. He doesn’t follow many people, but it looks like he does pay attention to those who @reply to him and sometimes replies back.

Counting Crows – Lead singer Adam Duritz updates from the road while the band is on tour. He tweets a few times each day, offering up information on their performances and his take on the cities they’re visiting.

Dave Matthews – Yep, this is the official Dave Matthews. Not the band, not commercialized updates, but the musician himself. Although he doesn’t follow anyone sans Obama, CNN, and Brett Radin, Matthews still makes himself unbelievably social, with most of his tweets being replies to others. Sure, there are the occasional band updates, but Matthews’ Twitter tends to be strictly social.

Diddy – Rapper, actor, and entrepreneur (among other titles) Sean “Diddy” Combs tweets multiple times each day, offering fans a glimpse into his daily activities and personal life.

Eminem – Eminem often posts TwitPics of himself and his surroundings. He also posts updates on shows, appearances, and his professional activities. He doesn’t follow anyone, but he does seem to occasionally reply to followers.

John Mayer – Mayer uses Twitter to communicate with his fans, as well as occasionally share and promote new music. Few music related updates will be found on Mayer’s account, however, he likes to keep it strictly personal. You may even remember Twitter being implicated in Mayer’s breakup with Jennifer Aniston. Be advised: long tweets in caps, links to TwitPic   and profanity make regular appearances in his stream.

Justin Timberlake – Timberlake’s daily tweets often give links to his blog posts, though he also engages with his followers on occasion. Just don’t expect him to follow you back.

Katy Perry – Katy Perry tweets regularly, including updates about her tour dates and life on tour, and replies to others. Don’t expect a follow back, though, as she hardly follows anyone.

Lady Gaga – Singer and songwriter Lady Gaga (Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta) doesn’t tweet often, but when she does she updates about her work and personal life. She rarely interacts with other Twitterers and doesn’t appear to post photos or links. She is following more than 10% of her followers, though.

Lenny Kravitz – Lenny Kravitz updates regularly, often tweeting multiple times each day. He posts links, TwitPics, concert information, and often tweets about touring, including some glimpses backstage.

Lil Wayne – Rapper Lil Wayne tweets about his music and work, along with posting TwitPics and links on a regular basis. He tweets most days, though sometimes takes a break for a day or two.

Mandy Moore – Mandy Moore’s tweets run the gamut from updates on shows she’s been to recently to what she’s up to personally and professionally. She’s relatively new to Twitter but updates regularly (at least once every day or two).

Matisyahu – Hassidic reggae/pop/rock star Matisyahu is a fan of two things: Twitter and his BlackBerry. When used in conjunction, the two create a steady stream of updates about his music, video, and other media directly from the man himself. If you want to be the first to know about new tracks and quick last minute ticket opportunities, give a quick follow. Plus, he follows nearly everyone back.

MC Hammer – Avid social media user MC Hammer is on Twitter, and his tweets are unexpectedly personal. From updates about his family to religion, Hammer covers all the bases for his fans.

Miley Cyrus – Singer and actress Miley Cyrus tweets constantly about her day-to-day activities, including photos and announcements of when she’ll be doing live chats and appearances. She converses a bit with other Twitterers, but don’t expect a return follow—she only follows a few dozen people.

Pete Wentz – Wentz is the bassist of Fall Out Boy and is married to Ashlee Simpson. He’s incredibly active on Twitter, often engaging in long conversations with other (mostly famous) Twitterers. He doesn’t follow many people, though, so don’t expect a follow back.

Pink – Pink’s tweets give a ton of insight into what her daily life is really like, offering up information on what she’s reading, doing, seeing, and listening to. She tweets prolifically, often updating a dozen times a day.

Rev Run – Rev Run (also known as DJ Run or Joey Simmons), one of the founding members of Run-D.M.C., tweets a few times each day, offering up primarily inspirational tweets to his followers.

Taylor Swift – Country singer Taylor Swift tweets sporadically, sometimes updating multiple times in a single day and other times skipping a couple of days completely. But her updates give a glimpse into her daily life, including what’s going on backstage, her music, and her personal life. She doesn’t return follow but she does seem to engage with other Twitterers.

*If You Haven’t Found Your Favorite Artist On Our List, Check Out For More Musicians That Tweet!

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