Why Does Everyone Hate on the Dukies!?

By: Kevin Plaza

Could it be because they win? Could it be because the play the game the right way? Could it be that their players stay in school for more then one year before going into the NBA? Who knows, but for some reason everyone outside of Duke Country hates on these guys.

With a legendary coach in Mike Krzyzewski leading the way and teaching his players how to be men on and off the court, how can you root against these guys? Now I understand that they do not always have the same big name players like their rival North Carolina does that go to the NBA, but the players that Coach K brings along are people that can succeed in all phases of life. Basketball is their first priority but not their only priority. I am not trying to make this into a North Carolina vs. Duke thing like most people do, but it is just crazy how in recent years Duke has been as successful or even more successful then North Carolina and some how the Tar Heels get all the recognition. I guess winning brings on haters, but I do not see it with other teams like Kansas or Kentucky, so I ask you, the readers of The Campus Socialite, why do you hate Duke?

Just take a look at all the W’s after the jump, I know you’re jealous…

Season Team Overall Conference Standing Postseason
1980–81 Duke 17–13 6–8 T–5th NIT Quarterfinals
1981–82 Duke 10–17 4–10 T–6th
1982–83 Duke 11–17 3–11 7th
1983–84 Duke 24–10 7–7 T–3rd NCAA 2nd Round
1984–85 Duke 23–8 8–6 T–4th NCAA 2nd Round
1985–86 Duke 37–3 12–2 1st NCAA Runner-up
1986–87 Duke 24–9 9–5 3rd NCAA Sweet Sixteen
1987–88 Duke 28–7 9–5 3rd NCAA Final Four
1988–89 Duke 28–8 9–5 T–2nd NCAA Final Four
1989–90 Duke 29–9 9–5 2nd NCAA Runner-up
1990–91 Duke 32–7 11–3 1st NCAA Champions
1991–92 Duke 34–2 14–2 1st NCAA Champions
1992–93 Duke 24–8 10–6 T–3rd NCAA 2nd Round
1993–94 Duke 28–6 12–4 1st NCAA Runner-up
1994–95* Duke 9–3 0–1
1995–96 Duke 18–13 8–8 T–4th NCAA 1st Round
1996–97 Duke 24–9 12–4 1st NCAA 2nd Round
1997–98 Duke 32–4 15–1 1st NCAA Elite Eight
1998–99 Duke 37–2 16–0 1st NCAA Runner-up
1999–00 Duke 29–5 15–1 1st NCAA Sweet Sixteen
2000–01 Duke 35–4 13–3 1st NCAA Champions
2001–02 Duke 31–4 13–3 2nd NCAA Sweet Sixteen
2002–03 Duke 26–7 11–5 T–2nd NCAA Sweet Sixteen
2003–04 Duke 31–6 13–3 1st NCAA Final Four
2004–05 Duke 27–6 11–5 3rd NCAA Sweet Sixteen
2005–06 Duke 32–4 14–2 1st NCAA Sweet Sixteen
2006–07 Duke 22–11 8–8 6th NCAA 1st Round
2007–08 Duke 28–6 13–3 2nd NCAA 2nd Round
2008–09 Duke 30–7 11–5 T–2nd NCAA Sweet Sixteen
2009–10 Duke 33–5 13–3 T–1st NCAA
Duke: 793–220 (.783) 309–134 (.698)
Total: 866–279 (.756)
National Champion         Conference Regular Season Champion         Conference Tournament Champion
Conference Regular Season & Conference Tournament Champion       Conference Division Champion
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